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Female Tengu

Female Tengu

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My favourite Tank (Main) in Overwatch: http://z-duke.deviantart.com/art/Casual-D-Va-624669042 Updated 11 Aug · 2 comments

About Me


Welcome to the world and all the landing that was wasted
The blood upon your hands and the wickedness that made it
Sing or scream it all and the memories keep fading
See the exit wound, dear God, what have we taken?
Guess I’ll say a prayer and I’ll kiss into the air
I’ll look into the sky, send em straight to nowhere
We all dug the grave can’t shake away the shame
Can't quiver in the sky but you’re shaking all the same
You left us with the guns and all of em unloaded
Teach us how to shoot but you taught us how to hold em
And all the weight of all the world is right between your shoulders
Heavy is the heart when the world keeps growing colder



Hm, there isn't that much to say about me tbh. I love playing videogames and I'm a die hard fan of Ayane and could talk for hours about her. I'm not so into animes and mangas, unlike most people here, but I've seen plenty and if there is one awesome anime it can only be Ghost in Shell 1 and 2. Great movies. I know, opinions, opinions...but still a must have (or shall I say "see"?). One of my favourite bands is Hollywood Undead with their great and memorable songs, btw.


Me and Ayane

Well, as I said, I'm a fan of Ayane and she became my main character very fast since she first appeared as a playable character in the PS1 version of DOA1. The main reason why I picked her was her weird looking fighting style which I always found funny and pretty cool for some reason. Not to mention that she has purple hair and always stand out from the whole cast because of it (yeah, Christie joined the club later). I also started to love her attitude later in DOA2. She is a strong and cold looking person on the surface, but when she opens herself to the few people she is close to, you see her kind and soft side. The fact that she fought for the respect she never got, during her childhood, made her a stronger person, which impressed me even more when TN decided to show more of past in later games of the series. It also reminds me a bit on myself.
And what I love even more about her is that awesome trolling when she gets cheeky with some of her lines of entrance/win poses and cutscenes. Makes me smile everytime. Sometimes hiding her feelings doesn't seem like something she is good at, and this just make her cute.

Uhm, anyways...
As a player, I'm not the best with her, not "pro" either, and sometimes I totally suck using her against different other characters which results in a totally unsafe playstyle. I know a lot about her but practicing all that is what makes it hard. I'm still learning her and I hope I can master Ayane some day. But right now she is still mastering me, lol


I'm part of the team and a moderator on www.teamninjagames.de which is a german community and a place for fans of the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden franchises. It's a very pretty but small community (for some reason most german players hang out in the english boards or simply don't visit DOA communities at all). I can help you there if you have any questions. So, for all the german DOA fans around here at DOAW: you are welcome here as well as all non german DOA fans :)



When it comes to actual gaming, DOA is not the only game I play. It is in fact, the only fighter I regular play. And then there is another problem - even though I love DOA, I can't play one single game the wole time. I got bored fast if I do that. That's why I also play a lot of other games (what a surprise). My last gen main system was the Xbox 360 and I have 82 games for it, own the console since day one and I'm "gold" for over 7 years now. My other "big love" is Halo. So much fun. Love the games universe and the gameplay design.


The most beautiful girl in video game history: Ayane

Thx for reading (or not). You're welcome, lol.


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