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Gaming Controversies (Censorship, Nintendo, Localization, etc.)

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As Im typing this I support Nintendo 100%. And before anyone calls me a Nintendo fanboy ask anyone who knows me for 2+ years on this forum or go to my post history when I used to talk sh*t about Nintendo. Something I've read today had pissed me off that I have to let it out and as of now the gaming community has gotten out of hand!

Nintendo and Operation Zero 1/2 - Fatal Frame 5 Controversy

As some would know I used to cover Fatal Frame 5 and made articles for it for DOAW as Master asked me to do so because TN was involved with the game and its unlikely anyone else on this forum is knowledgeable with the series as I am. In most of those articles I had promoted an online group similar to Operation Rainfall known as Operation Zero. I had worked for them in the past in 2012. I  knew most of the people in said group and let me tell you one thing, they are NOTHING like Operation Rainfall. 

The person in charge is known as J.T. at the time couldn't take no for an answer. To this day he hasn't changed when he said he did. I've only promoted them because I wanted the game to come out in the west and I actually thought he changed but when Fatal Frame 5 was announced to be digital only even though I gave so many evidence that it would be he and so many people got pissed. Many wanted to boycott the release and many wanted to send death treats to Nintendo of America. When it was announced that PAL Regions would be getting a Limited Edition as an alternative to the eShop version there it got a lot worse from there (make some tea or coffee, it's a long story).

At some point a week before (or of) the NA release, Nintendo of Europe uploaded a costume trailer showing new costumes in the game. These costumes were for Yuri and Miu, they got a Zero Samus (Metroid) and Warrior Princess Zelda (Hyrule Warriors) costumes respectively. THese costumes are replacements for the horrible costumes Japan got. Its unfortunate that the wetness feature is absent in the new costumes but they're still better looking costumes than what Japan got. Im more disappointed that the male character Ren still has only 1 costume and wasn't given a new one. Just the replacement of the skimpy costumes alone was enough to infuriate them. Last time I've checked people (the fans) wanted replacements for bikinis that were removed for the PAL release of Fatal Frame 2 on the Wii. This is what was done but they weren't happy with it. 

I sent them a tweet saying, whats more important and the whole point of Operation Zero was getting the game digital or not. A limited edition is nothing compared to the game in some way because it's better than nothing. Apparently they dont understand that a limited edition doesn't count as a retail release because once they are gone they are gone for good. I got a response saying Nintendo will go bankrupt if they dont give them what they want. What part of high school basic economics class did they sleep through? As long as people buy it everybody wins. Its a fact that it was one of the top ranked Wii-U games of 2015!!!

Operation Zero used to be about getting NOA's attention to localize Fatal Frame games to North America and Europe if it hasn't happened already but now they are acting like annoying 13 year olds crying about replaced content. The head of operation Zero J.T. has now opened a new FaceBook page called Operation Overhaul, its basically another toxic page crying about not getting something another country has. Something as a virtual console game is worth crying about to them.

Nintendo and Operation Zero 2/2 - Attacking a Nintendo Employee

Since the first official English story trailer for Fatal Frame 5 came out people have been mad at Nintendo of America because of it's title being "Spoopy Trailer" then changed to "Extremely Spoopy Trailer" not taking Fatal Frame's return to North America after 10 years seriously when it's a serious horror game series. This controversy made the trailer blow up everywhere. It was revealed on Twiiter that Alison Rapp was the one who thought of the title and since then she's been taking crap from people on Twitter. It's part of her job to give games promotion and she has done a much better job than most people have because the trailer blew up and many people knew of the game who weren't familiar with it already. 

To this day, people are still pissed and give her crap for anything NOA does. Just recently Operation Zero has been taking something she wrote out of context and using it against her to get her fired from her job at Nintendo. Someone has read what she said and didn't find anything bad about it. However, Operation Zero will do nothing but try to get her and anyone else at NOA kicked out for doing their job at Nintendo. This pissed me off because getting mad at someone is one thing but trying to get them fired for doing their job is a whole different story. If they were really that terrible I would be complaining about Fatal Frame 5's translation being bad but because I have played the game I can say for sure that the translation is better than what any Fatal Frame game has gotten in the past.

Nintendo VS The World / Modern Day Gaming Censorship

Ok, so let me get this straight (while I bat for the other team most of the time) its totally fine for XSeeD to remove blood from an M Rated game with scratches, release digital only games, change names almost completely that this mistake f*cks them in the ass in later installments like Corpse Party because a new character has the same name as the changed character, have a English subbed game not accurate to what the Japanese voices are saying most of the time in said subbed only game with anime weeb memes but when NOA does it people lose their sh*t!!! What hypocrisy is this?!

At least what NOA or XSeeD does isn't half as bad as Atlus when they brought over Persona 1 for PS1. THey cut out half of the game content in the story and made you pay full price for half of a game. And the interesting part is you can still enter the other half via cheat device but most of the text is ether still in Japanese or encrypted that it's unplayable!! get your sh*t together!

Something to being angry of Jynx being colored purple in the virtual console version of Pokemon Yellow is worth getting mad about but last time I've checked nobody cared when Jynx got recolored in the virtual console version of Pokemon Snap. Why are people so mad? Where have they been for the last 10 years? Were they not conceived yet? Oh it's only cuz its Nintendo right? Nintendo is an evil organization that worships their lord and savoir Mario.

No wonder Kas is sick of the Nintendo hate. Im sick of it too and I dont even play Nintendo games outside of Pokemon and Fatal Frame and other Japanese imports for my Japanese Nintendo systems. At this point I have given up on the North American market for Nintendo consoles. The immature "gamers" that spew Nintendo hate whenever they do something isn't helping anyone, its just making it WORSE than it already is. I doubt Fatal Frame 6 will have a localization in North America, it'll just stay in Japan and  Europe like the Wii version of Fatal Frame 2 did. 

Lack of Localization
I can go on and on about the localization process being a hard job for many publishers, let me talk about DOAX3 instead. Whenever someone complains about it not coming over I can give you a long list of games I've wanted to come over but never did. This is just ONE game. In DOAX3's case everyone gets a free pass because its on a REGION FREE CONSOLE and with AN ENGLISH TRANSLATION. One of the many games I wanted in English got a fan translation patch and now that my Japanese is at a level that I can understand there are many things I wish was worded differently. 95% of the games I wanted in English are on Region Locked systems while in DOAX3's case you dont have to go through the headaches and frustrations I've had because a game is on a Region Locked Console and not translated. 

"But Shikou, I dont like the idea of importing and waiting for the game to arrive at my house." Most likely this will be the only time you'll ever be doing it. How long has it been since the last DOAX game? 7 or 8 years? Buy PSN cards if you're that desperate.

"What do I do if the game somehow gets an official North American version?" Support the official release of course! I've been playing the original Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP since my early days of self teaching Japanese for 5 years. I supported the official English version when it came out for PS4. I went out of my way to do more than my part and buy the $100 collector's edition because I loved the game. I am one the very few who import that actually supports the official release if it ever happens. Im surprised Yomawari is getting an English version at the end of this year because my demographic is very niche and not many games get my interest because I like Japanese horror games and Japanese culture as a whole and use them as Japanese practice as I've been doing so for the past 5 years. 

Final Thoughts
My brain is baked from the rage I got from Operation Zero's Twitter page trying to get someone fired from their job for nothing that I had to let some of this out. There was a little more that I wanted to talk about but this big wall of text is fine so I'll just summarize it. The gaming community has gotten out of hand lately especially in the Fatal Frame community that it's embarrassing to be associated with them because most people think we're all over entitled selfish brats online. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a gamer because of these twats. 

A game not coming over doesn't mean it's banned, in order for it to get banned it needs to go through the ESRB first and they decide the game's rating and if it should be released or not due to content. Publishers must give them a full detailed description of things (strip the game naked) that goes on in the game. If they miss a detail or two or if they find something that was slipped under the rug (something inappropriate for example that would be very crucial to judge the game's rating) they would have to do it all over again to reevaluate the game. Cultural differences are a big thing. Just because it's ok in another country doesn't mean it's ok in another because people will mistake it for something else out of context.

Publishers would have to find ways to make the game acceptable to deliver it to the target audience regardless of rating. In most cases they would have to remove a costume or two, alter a character's age, or release it digital only if a retail version isn't possible. In North America Senren Kagura Burst for the 3DS didn't get a retail version because there was no way to market it and Nintendo weren't sure if they could invest in it, at the time XSeeD couldn't manufacture 3DS cartridges .because it was too expensive. Often if a game is for a system that is near the end of it's life cycle or unsure if it will actually sell then the best choice is to have it as a digital game. If digital sales were a success then future installments will receive a retail release.

THats the localization process explained in summarized form. And I leave you all with this.

At the end of the day, if a game gets released at all digital or not or for whatever reason it's missing a costume or two (or replaced with better ones) it's better than nothing. Japanese literalist need to calm TF down when it comes to NOA. Not everyone in North America is gonna know what a Yomiko (Shadow Born) is, there is a reason why translators come up with English equivalent phrases. If people are really that upset about changes then they can just get the Japanese version and somehow learn Japanese overnight.

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Star Ocean 5 gets a small amount of editing(censorship).


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Bonus image from Gaf.



Sums up how Japan feels about how westerns try to add social ethics to gaming.

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That's pretty much how I feel about it too.

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