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Divine Deception---an original sims 3 story

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So over the last few years I got a few requests to make a new sims 3 story after the previous one "The Man Under My Bed". I think I have finally generated a story, but this time it will be a bit different.


First: MODS. Okay, we have mods. Last time I had no clue how to put them into my game because it had to do with Spider monkey and all that jazz. Now since the game is fully updated I have finally come to the party. No more generic and boring stuff for us.


Second: We have a few expansion packs. I just got Seasons for a cheap price and that makes quite a difference in diversity. Yay!


Third: While there is a story going on, I usually let my sims do their own things and spin the story around that. It's more fun that way I think. :)


Would love to hear what everyone thinks!




Divine Deception

An original Sims 3 Story


Promo Clip



When you open a book for the first time, you are given three sections of importance: a beginning, a middle and an end.


The beginning will do its part to transform your imagination to reality.


It will introduce the people you will be tethered to throughout the journey, paved out to an ending of happily ever after.


But this isn't one of those stories...


There won't be a happily ever after. There won't be love, just lust, heartache and destruction.creatorstitle_zpsv85mojcc.jpg


For the truly wronged, there is no other option other than to call a professional like myself.


I am not a nice person. I destroy people for those who can't fight for themselves.creatorstitle2_zpsrey9gn3f.jpg


My name is Sadie and my next target has taken me to Sunset Valley. Let's see what monsters lurk in the shadows here.





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Shit. I don't play Sims 3 so I don't know, dawg.

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Divine Deception

Water, waves and the thumping of his feet as he walks across the hardwood flooring upstairs. It's all I can focus on as I dig my nails into the cushion I sit on. I keep a smile on my face, not because of happiness or content, but for the reason if I don't, I may very well scream at the top of my lungs for the bumbling fool upstairs to hurry it up.
His name is Gobias Koffi. My report says that he is a single sim who just hasn't met the right woman, probably one of the reasons why "The Powers That Be" aka, my contacts, decided that he would be beneficial to our task, a task that I still haven't been completely informed about. I was just shipped out like some mail-order bride to his doorstep to ask him if he wanted a roommate. It's a good thing he isn't the brightest bulb on the tree or else my hasty arrival would have seemed a little suspicious. Maybe he will be beneficial after all. He's still needs to hurry up, though. I decide to wait outside.
My contacts have given me little information so far. It's the problem with working with amateurs in the work field of life destroying. The men and women who hire me know what they want, they want sims to suffer for their wrong doings, but they don't know how much time and patience it takes to do such a thing without leaving a room full of fingerprints. They don't know much background history of the targets I need and the more I know, the better for everyone it will be. Those who hire professional destroyers like myself are impatient even if I like to call them ambitious. Just another day in the life. The one piece of information they have left with me, however, is a single name: Vita Alto. She's not the sole target, but it is her connections that will get me where I need to go. Once I find her, I will get my next tidbit of info.
When Gobias is finally ready, we head out to the Summer Festival. Since I am new to the area, he said I can't miss going there and enjoying myself. I don't want to seem distant, so I follow without much fight. I don't want him to get the wrong idea and think I am just using him for his house. Besides, he seems to enjoy himself there. Let me just remind everyone of his face.
I would really like a talk with whoever painted his face. Either the unicorn is farting rainbows or it drag raced along his forehead like a dog on a carpet. I keep my thoughts to myself, though, and tell him it looks great.
He wants to roller skate. Usually I would say no. Being a Destroyer I always want to have control of every obstacle in my path. It's a flaw, I can admit that. Too much control can actually destroy a Destroyer with their focus being stretched beyond its limits. We can only hold our concentration on so many things before we become overwhelmed and lose everything we've worked so hard to achieve. When I start to feel that way, when I start to feel it becoming too much, I take that moment to just go with the flow...
No matter what obstacles I trip over.
As the night wears on, I watch Gobias participate in a hotdog eating contest. It's pretty disgusting to be completely honest even if the twins on the end are entertaining. Seeing grown sims fight to shove as many tube steaks down their throats to win a year's worth of hotdogs is baffling. The last thing I would want to eat is another one if it were me, but I just support because that is what a good friend does.
Besides, Gobias looks like he is having a ball and... wait... When did he find time to get his face done again? He moves like a panther when he wants to.
When the stands close down, Gobias tells me we don't have to leave the grounds. I've been in heels all day, my feet are killing me and I just want to go home and sit in that silly chair I'd clawed earlier, but I get dragged again to play a game of water balloons. I am counting down the minutes as one blast hits me after the other. A lady joins us, she must be able to see the exhaustion on my face because she decides to help me pummel Gobias with balloons. It's satisfying and the poor man's face paint is washed off. When I turn to face the newcomer and introduce myself...
I am introduced to Vita Alto.

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You might want to turn this into video - like digital graphic novel.

Doesn't have to have animated characters. You can use these pictures in slideshow fashion but in a more artistic style to support the storytelling and the mood. Add supporting background music, perhaps even a few supporting sound effects at important points. Would be better if narrated with subtitle attached.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I might look into that in the future. Right now, however, I am copying my original post from a sims forum to post here and they do not support anything other than pictures and text.


Nice idea, though, and as I said, I just might look into it for the future. :)


Divine Deception
"Code Twinsr2cute"

When I was a little girl, anger was as simple as not being able to go outside to play if my homework wasn't done. It lasted ten minutes, was gone almost instantly and left the rest of the day to be enjoyed by me. Deep down I would have known had I finished my homework, been proactive so to speak, I could have played for even longer. A boy stealing my eraser in first grade and my parents catching me sneaking back in after curfew are other examples. It was an emotion, a basic one, that I once believed could be eased if given the right attention. Happiness could rid hatred and a smile meant that anger couldn't pose a threat.
That was before I joined this work field. Before I knew what type of people I would have to deal with and be around. Gobias is not a person I can say a smile will make me happy to see him, unless, of course, my smile makes him vanish. He's not a caring person, but he's not an independent person like myself either. He always needs to put his nose where it doesn't belong. Criticizing the way I make waffles. Complaining that the sleeping arrangements are not working in his favour. His favour? Let's talk about the fact that he has a master bedroom upstairs and I am left to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag wherever is convenient for him. Lately, it's been the bathroom downstairs, which gets little traffic.
It doesn't help that I called my contact about meeting Vita Alto a week ago and still haven't heard back from him. He specifically stated that meeting her would kick-start this mission. Yet, here I sit, eating a mediocre batch of waffles, listening to Gobias go on about how I need to get a job because it is obvious that I have no money. When he starts making a show about how I talk to him, I say nothing, get up and leave. The thing is, I have more money that he can even imagine. The only problem with it is that I can't say anything about it. It would raise questions which would inevitably blow my cover.

"Where are you going?" He asks after I come out of the washroom, gathering my sleeping bag from the floor. I sling it over my shoulder as I glance back at him.

"I'm going to get a job," I lie.

A half an hour later, I sit at the doorstep of the Stix household. The Charlie and Marlie twins. I met them last week at the Summer Festival. They'd both participated in that horrid hot dog eating contest Gobias was a part of. It was the sister, Marlie, who won and chatted me up while Gobias took two hours to get his face painted... again. She seems really nice, her brother, nice enough. They moved to Sunset Valley from Bridgeport in search of a more relaxing area. I couldn't help but feel some sort of similarity. I worked in Bridgeport for many years during my start as a Destroyer. I can defend myself, but even I can admit that walking the streets of the city alone at night ran a chill up my spine from time to time. We exchanged numbers, emails and addresses and she told me that we should hang out some time. Well, she offered. I wonder if she expected to get together so soon.
Marlie arrives not long after. She asks me why I was sitting on the bench.

I give her a questionable look. "Because I rang the doorbell and you weren't here."

"But Charlie's home."

And so he is. He must have been too busy in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror and pretending that he was Lara Croft to have heard my arrival.
I can't be upset with him, though. Between playing in puddles...
and scaring his sister...
I can't help but find humour in their actions. The way they talk to one another and play their little games. It reminds me in a strange way of the anger I felt as a kid and how it could be resolved within ten minutes. They ask me to stay for dinner. I tell Marlie my predicament with Gobias and how he is driving me crazy. She just laughs and makes fun of me like one of my childhood friends would if I told them I had a crush on a boy.

"It's not that funny," I say as I try to hold back my laughter.

Marlie palms a cup of coffee for me and brings it over to the table. "It kind of is," she chuckles. She puts a few heaping spoonfuls of sugar into her own cup. "If it really is that bad, though, feel free to stay the night."

It's a good thing I brought my sleeping bag with me. It feels just like home.
The next morning I wake up to the smell of bacon frying. The sizzle of it in the pan is like an alarm that screams for me to get out of bed and onto my feet and it's a good thing too. Both Marlie and Charlie are up and they need me out of the way. I had rolled around last night during my sleep and ended up under the table.
Marlie seems a little uneasy about my choice of sleepwear. I'm guessing that is the reason, I am in my underwear. I couldn't honestly say, however. That's not to say she's dressed much better.
My departure is rather quick. I give Marlie a big hug and tell her how much I appreciate her hospitality. She is the nicest person I have met in a really long time and her kindness seems genuine. I tell her that as I am heading out the front door.

"Anytime," she says. "You know where to find us."

Right as I am driving back into the driveway of Gobias's house, my phone goes off.

"Hello?" I answer, stepping out of my car and giving the door a good push. It clunks and refuses to close.


"Miss Lawrence, it's Reginald Peters. Is this a bad time?"

It's about time, I think and give my car door a good kick, forcing it closed this time. "Not at all."

"I just got your message about your contact with Vita Alto."

"Good, now what do you want me to do with her?" I am direct. I want him to know that me standing around for a whole week doing absolutely nothing is unacceptable, but my professional side kicks in and keeps me from saying anything of the sort.

"Straight to the point I see."

"I just want to know where we are going," I say clearly. "I think I've been left in the dark for long enough."

"Point taken. Then here it is..."


What Peters says takes me back and I have to remind myself to breathe. "What did you say?"

"I said that I want Vita's husband killed."

I glare at the pavement underneath my feet, trying to absorb Peter's words. Kill a man? Is that really what he just said? "I don't do that," I choke out.

"Sadie, I hired you because you said that you could help me with my situation with the Altos. Was that not what you said?"

"That's right, Mr. Peters, I did say that, but please understand that I destroy people's lives. I make them suffer. I do not kill."

"Then I guess this is a turning point in your career." His voice is forceful, yet at the same time calming and smooth.

"I will not kill--"

"You will do as I asked," he cuts me off. "Might I mention that I have already sent you a handsome amount of money for your services? A cheque that you had no problems cashing, might I add. How about the fact that the Altos have screwed over our community, hurt many families and continue to fund businesses which can only be seen as criminal? Do I need to remind you of that?"

Sweat has started to form at my hairline and I rub my forehead with the back of my hand. "No," I sigh.

"Mrs. Alto is the mayor, Sadie, and she is your connection to the biggest criminal in Sunset Valley. Get close to her to get close to him."

"This could take a year."

"Then so be it." He pauses and when he returns, I jolt inwardly. "I want her to suffer and him dead."

I stay quiet for a bit. All happiness has drained from my body as it becomes eerily cold around me. I am not angry. I don't know what I feel as the words leave my mouth.
"I'll see what I can do."

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Divine Deception
"Leisure Day"

I can't help but stare at the blue skies above me and the few clouds that slip by with the summer breeze. It's a perfect day, this Leisure Day, with the sun shining. Deep inside of me, however, it feels strangely contradicting. Black energies, dark shadows and a deepening sense that my insides are in the middle of creating their own summer storm. While it may seem short, I always thought summer storms could be the most violent of them all.
"I want her to suffer and him dead."
I haven't slept. I haven't eaten much since I last spoke with Mr. Peters and his demand for the Alto's end. I usually know where I am going after my clients speak with me, yet ever since Peters shined some light in my dark, little corner, I've become blind from it. Where do I go from here? He wants me to kill a man I have never seen. Would it make any difference if I knew who I was after? I wonder as my head continues to spin.
"Heads up!" One of the guests says as she attempts diving in the pool with me. Her voice jolts me back to reality and I finally remember where I am. It's Leisure Day and Gobias decided it would be fun to host a pool party. Friends from all over town travel to the backyard of this small piece of property to celebrate a day where we are supposed to not find shame in doing absolutely nothing. I am trying, really I am, but Peters had made it difficult. I should have given him his money back, told him to hit the road, but I signed a contract. He could sue. He could expose me. Heck, knowing what he does, I don't know what he couldn't do to me if I pushed him far enough. I can't keep thinking about this, I say to myself as I pull out of the pool. I'm going to drive myself mad.
I grab a bite to eat, the nearest thing I could find. Lobster. Somebody is bringing high-class food to a potluck. When I look at my burnt waffles, I have to shake my head at myself. One of these days I am going to make a better meal. It's the only thing I can cook. I should be a pro at it by now. Yet, here we are.

"Not too bad, huh?" A serene voice appears behind me as I take another mouthful. When I look over my shoulder I see Vita standing there, hands on her hips.

"Vita, you made it!"

Gobias was kind enough to let me bring one person on my own list of friends to come to the party. I had called her earlier this afternoon. It was very late minute, but so was the party as a whole. Vita had said that she didn't know if she could show because of something that had to do with her daughter. Daughter? Until then, I hadn't heard of a daughter in this family. One thing after another. It's not until I look down at Vita's bathing suit that I realize that I've been left out of a lot of information. A lot of valuable information.

"You're pregnant," I half-assume, half-ask. When I'd seen her last at the Summer Festival, I hadn't noticed her baby belly. It was hidden under that ugly coat she'd been wearing. Obviously that coat was able to hide plenty because she looks about ready to pop.

"I--" Vita tries to speak before she grabs for her stomach. "It's coming."

I laugh at what I believe to be her joking. "Very funny."

"I'm not joking, Sadie," she snaps. "I need to get to the hospital. Can somebody take me to the hospital?" She's asking the group of thirty people and not one of them turns to give her any attention. Gobias is more interesting in himself, shocking, and everybody else turns and looks away. These people have more money than brains, could have her at the hospital in a snap of the fingers at the rate their expensive cars move, but none of them budge.

"Let's go," I say to her as I help her through the crowd and out the front door. I get her into my car and I start it up as fast as I can.
To say my car gets her there in the nick of time is a bit of an understatement. For a beat up old thing (not her, the car), we make it to the hospital nonetheless. I get her inside and the only thing left to do is wait.
It's strange. I had always believed that I would meet my targets when I decided the time is right. When I have snuck up on them when they don't think I am looking. But to have them walk straight into my sights without me having to plan a thing... I can't say I hate it.
He argues with the secretary to see his wife, telling her that "She's the pregnant one!" when the secretary asks who his wife is. The first thing I notice is that he must believe the whole world revolves around him. That or he really isn't that bright. He's the top criminal in the town so I have to go with the former. He's not exactly what I've been expecting. Heavy set, muscular but in a chubby kind of way. His hair is slicked back in what looks like a container worth of grease and his face was shockingly slim. I admit, I had been expecting a landslide of fat to jiggle from his chin to chest. He's out of sight before I can take in anything more.
Two hours later and the family of three are walking out of the hospital and into the waiting taxi that I called for them. Vita looks exhausted, but she thanks me and introduces me to her husband. Into the palm of my hand he goes. Now I have a name, a face and as I help them into the taxi, I snatch his wallet without him noticing. Now I have everything.
When I get back to the party, there is only one person left. He's been calling taxis for all of the polluted partiers since Gobias past out right after I left with Vita. Surprise.

"That is really nice of you," I say to him as he helps the redhead from earlier into the taxi.

He sighs. "Somebody has to in this town or else nobody would get home... They'll get stuck somewhere out of reach."

"We've all been there. I'm Sadie." I raise my hand.

He takes it and gives it a firm squeeze. "Vic."
Vic. His full name is Victor Solomon, but Vic is simple and I take simple over anything these days if I can. He tells me that he usually comes to Gobias's parties to help the management of getting everybody home afterwards. That and the free food. Simple, kind and cheap. Even so, I don't care. He is the first person, other than the twins, that has a soft gaze... One that isn't scrutinizing my every flaw. I can't say he isn't nice to look at either.
We spend the rest of the night swimming and talking about things I haven't talked about in years. Favourite colours. Favourite movies. Where I went to university and so on. It's strange. He wants to know about me, not talk about himself all day long just for the sake of hearing himself. When he leaves, he jots down his number and tells me to call him sometime. I don't know what to say so I just smile at him and watch him get into his car and drive off into the darkness. A different darkness that I had forgotten was taking my insides over earlier that day.

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Divine Deception

"Coffin Nail"


The sound of water. It's one of the few things that helps me organize my thoughts, takes me to a place of tranquility. I used to come this this very beach often with my parents when I was a little girl. We'd spend hours here building castles in the sand, playing in the water or even digging small tunnels that connected to each other so it was like my own little water system. The water would drain back into the ocean, but I was persistent. My father would help me lug another bucket to the top of the tunnels where we would dump it and watch the shapeless liquid run through the maze built by my own hands. My mother would watch on the side lines, laughing as she peeked over the thick book she was reading. The salt in the air. It's as if I'm six years old again right now.


The sound of my phone going off snaps me from my thoughts. I see the name. I know who it is and for that exact reason I have mixed thoughts about answering. It's my client, Mr. Peters, and the last time we spoke he left me rather speechless. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's like a punch to my stomach. It's shocking a first and then dissolves into a dull ache. He ordered me to kill a man and that's not something I offer up. With destruction the party that has been affected will live on suffering, trying to fill a hole in themselves that will never seem filled. To kill someone would mean to end them right then and there. They'll feel nothing. To me, it's useless. Seeing Peter's name now makes that pain reappear.


"Mr. Peters," I say when I finally click the accept button on my phone. There's a pause and I wonder for a moment if he hung up. I'm not so lucky.

"Ah, Sadie, I got your message from yesterday. You said you had something to tell me?"

"Yes," I answer as I build as much confidence as I can muster. "I just wanted to let you know that when I get home I am refunding the amount of money you sent me."

"Oh, how come?" He asks a little too innocently. "Is something the matter?"

I look around the beach to make sure nobody is around me. "I am sorry, Mr. Peters, but I can't go through with what you've asked me to do. I can't kill someone."

"Oh." The line goes dead for a moment. "I thought we spoke about this the other day?"

"And it's all I have thought about since--"

"Do you want more money? I can have another cheque sent to you by tomorrow morning if that is the problem."

I can't help but notice how simply he speaks about the matter of the death of another person. It's as if he has hired me to remove a raccoon from his attic. "No, the money is not the issue."

He sighs heavily on the other end of the line. "Sadie, we've been over this. The Altos have done some very bad things. They have hurt lot of families."

"And I am sorry to say this, but those families are going to have to deal with it."

"That's precisely why I came to you!" He loses his cool but regains it quickly. "Your parents would have wanted you to do this."


Two things make me laugh. One is that fact that he believes somebody's parents would want their child to kill for them. I know I deal with some mentals, but the more I deal with Peters, the more I realize he has tipped past the point of complete lunatic. The second is the reality that he actually brought my parents into this conversation.

"Don't you dare bring my parents into this," I spit, not caring about Peters. He's no longer a client. He's a nuisance.

"Your parents would have wanted--"

"My parents didn't know what they wanted," I cut him off. "They thought they wanted a child before they dropped off the face of the earth. Couldn't give me a word of what was going on, but they had no problem taking all the family funds. They just tucked me into bed that night and I never saw them again. So, please, keep the family card in your pocket." My face is burning and my tranquility has turned into huffing and puffing.

Peters finally returns. "Sadie, I know this is hard for you to understand, but please believe me when I say I have your best wishes at heart."

I ignore him. "How do you even know my parents?"

"We worked together until Vita Alto's husband burned us all," he answers. He then tells me about where they worked and how supposedly my parents were attacked. I shove it to the back of my brain to think about when I feel like it."I know you don't believe me, it's a crazy story, but if you need proof, you can get it."


"You said in your message that you were able to get Vita's husband's wallet?" He continues without waiting for my reply. "I'm sure he has a business card in there somewhere. Use it to find his workplace. You don't have to go in, but I can assure you that you will find what you are looking for there."

"I'll see," I say to him, not suggesting if I will check it out or not.

"You'll go," he chuckles. "You're as stubborn as your father and as nosy as you mother."


I don't laugh. I hang up. That's not to say I can't get what he's said out of my head. So I stand there, looking across the water's surface, doing all I can to ignore the words Peters spoke. I can't. Without hesitation, I have Nick's wallet in my hands and I am searching for anything that can lead me to his workplace. Business card, brochure, even a scrape piece of paper with directions will do. I get something better, though. A key card with an address imprinted along the edge. I head there straight away.


It's not a long hike from Gobias's house so I decided to jog there. Jogging has become therapeutic to the point where, like the waves at the beach, it can help organize my thoughts. I've got nothing to do on my way there, so I go over what Peters said about my parents.


Supposedly my parents didn't desert me when I was six years old like I had believed. When I had woken one Sunday morning, they weren't there. Our house had been abandoned, what else was I to think? From what Peters said, he, my mother and father and Nick Alto had all worked together at the Science Lab. They had all been great friends too, until one of their experiments went wrong and took seven lives. Nick betrayed them by pinning the blame on my parents. So my parents ran off. My parents leaving me in the middle of the night was supposed to be seen as an act of love and sacrifice. To give me a chance to live without being hunted. I don't know what I think about this news. Is it real or not?


I make it to the address a half an hour later. It's an old shack of a building. Broken windows line the walls, the wood trims destroyed by bad weather. The grass is over grown in the front, but as I venture through it and around the back, I am shocked at what I find.


A fingerprint scanner and a place to swipe the key card I stole from Nick. Peters said that I wouldn't need to go inside to find what I am looking for so I go for the first thing that comes to my mind.


The bins on any lot will always give me answers to my questions. They are usually always the first things I check when I take on a new client. There's a lot of junk on the top, almost like it is disguising whatever's underneath. Once they are out of the way, I find files, some dating all the way back to the seventies. Peters said that Nick was the top criminal in Sunset Valley. Nick's business could hack into computer terminals, aid in a robbery, be hired as a getaway car. Heck, from some of the files that I read, he'd been hired for assassination. Peters wasn't lying when he said that the Altos had hurt a lot of families.


It isn't until I see her file that it feels like the world around me stops and all I can hear is the sound of my own heart. It's my mother. I remember her and I know that the black and white photo attached to the file is of her. She's smiling to somebody out of sight. Those dimples. They're the same ones I had seen when she'd look over her book when my father and I were playing in the sand. I look at the big, red letters under the photo. My heart starts to quicken and then it feels as if somebody's squeezing it with their bare hands. TERMINATED.


Well, I think as I climb out of the trash bin. The temperature has fallen and it has started to rain. That puts the nail in the coffin. For so many years I had blamed my parents for leaving me when in reality, they didn't have much choice. I hate myself for thinking so narrowly, but yet I have enough sense to push my emotions under the surface again. The Altos will pay.  

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Divine Deception

Intel, otherwise known as intelligence assessment is and always has been the first step in any of my projects of destruction. Intel is everything. It is the fuel that gets me started and the flame that lights my way. It could be the blade that cuts the deepest and opens a gash that becomes infected, killing everything in its wake. It's the first step for a reason, because without it, I am nothing but a lit candle trying to survive a windy night.
I called Vita the moment I had gotten home from my search at her husband's work. I told her I was just checking up on her to make sure everything with the baby was going well. I had to make sure Gobias wasn't home since I knew all he would do was hound me about where I had been. I haven't seen him for a little while and I am thankful for it. He's been out partying with some woman named Babe Hart. They seem to be taking a liking to one another and I can't say I disapprove. Being out of his sight has only made my living in his house workable. It has also allowed me to set up what I need to, both physically and metaphorically. Nonetheless, Vita said that I should stop by whenever I have a chance.
When my GPS notifies me that we have arrived, I stare blankly up at the house if somebody could actually call this structure such a thing. I've seen satellite photos of the place, but they were nothing in comparison to this. Grand windows, perfectly manicured lawns. I knew I was in the posh part of town, but the Alto residence makes Gobias's place look like some shanty hut built hastily during an epidemic. Vita's is spectacular, somewhere shiny cars frequently park and champagne glasses always glint in the setting sun. Even the house's exterior, while it may look like the inside of a watermelon, I can't say I hate it. I get out of the car and head to the door, pressing the doorbell.
Because of the house's first impression, I expect a maid to answer the door to greet me. It's Vita, though. She greets me with open arms and invites me inside. She seems happy enough. I thought I might have seen exhaustion on her face or even a hint of stress, I am sure she is doing this baby thing on her own while Nick is at work... But I don't see any of it even if I can hear a baby screaming at the top of her lungs inside.
"Alicia, it's all right," Vita tries to coo the little one.
Now, I am no child expert, but perhaps Vita should have tried placing Alicia in her crib, or better yet, in her mother's arms. Heck, anything would be better than laying on the drafty floor. Vita, doesn't do anything of the sort. Instead, she walks past the child, calling for somebody named Holly.
"Sadie, I'll be right back," she tells me before she slips out of sight. I can still hear her yelling, "Holly!" as I stand there looking down at the baby. From what I remember of Nick, she has his eyebrows and his nose. Alicia's eyes and chin are definitely Vita's. Alicia's cute, but babies are babies. They make us their slaves. Feed them. Clean them. I can't stand them. As I listen to her scream and Vita yell for someone named Holly, I decide it's official. I will never have a child.
There is one good thing for Alicia's existence. She's created a perfect scene to allow me to slip into Nick's office. I check for security cameras first. I know it sounds silly, especially since it is the home office, but one can't be too careful. This is going to be my first dent in the Alto's destruction, one that will kick start a plan that will unravel in the upcoming weeks. I'm not about to trip at the beginning of the race. I don't see anything, but I use an app on my phone just to make sure. It was created by a techy friend of mine a few months back and scans the room using the panorama lens. There's nothing. I take to the laptop immediately.

Client lists and Nick's company timetable. There's also Vita's personal one. I plug a USB stick into the side of the laptop and copy them to it. There's also a program my techy friend created on the stick as well. I run it. It's a virus that will copy anything typed into online boxes and send it to my computer at home. This could be as useful as usernames and password or as useless as love letters sent to a side girl, though I am hoping for the former. It finishes its installation within seconds and once the notification tells me as such, the program is as silent and sly as it is undetectable.
I hear a car door close outside and when I look over my shoulder, I see him. He's staring at something on one of the pillars out front and I take that as my cue to leave. I pull the USB out from the side of the laptop and rush out of the office as fast as I can. I've already heard the front door open and his black, dressy shoes slap against the shiny floor. He's coming my way. I toss myself into a nearby chair and pretend that I am watching whatever is on.
My heart is racing, blooding pumping through my veins. I can't decide if it is because of my hasty departure from the office or because when I look up, Nick's looking down at me with his dark eyes, as if scrutinizing my every flaw. I keep all my emotion from expressing itself on my face. I turn back to the tv and watch Nick in the corner of my eye as he takes a seat on the sofa.

So this is the man, I think, remembering the files I found in his company's dumpster. Anger immediately boils to my cheeks. My mother's file was among them and he was a part of her disappearance. I hate him. I truly hate him more than anything I have before. My breathing has become tense and I no longer care if he hears it.  I hate him, but there is only one thing I can do about it today.
I stand up and leave.
Before I can get back to the door, to leave, to get away from the monsters who made my life what it is, I am stopped by a young woman. She can't be any more than eighteen years old. She greets me with a  smile and gives me a wave.

"Hi there!"

"Hi..." I don't know what else to say. Speechlessness seems to be getting the better of me lately.

"I'm Holly. I'm Nick and Vita's daughter." She holds out a hand for me to shake and I take it. "My mom wanted me to apologize for her. She just got Alicia to sleep and--"

I lift my hand to stop her. "Don't worry about it. Bad timing. I should be going anyway."

"I'm sorry," she repeats.

"I said, don't worry about it. I'll come back another day." I give her a smile and before I can, she opens the door for me.

"Are you coming to the Spooky Day party next Saturday?"

I shrug my shoulders.

"Come, my mom and I would love for you to."

"How can I say no to that?" I chuckle. "I'll see you next weekend."   
As the door closes behind me, I see Holly wave me goodbye. The stomach drops and all I can see is Holly's face at the back of my eyes. Her crying face. I'm going to shatter this girl's home and she's not going to know what hit her. I run my hand through my hair as I make my way back to my car. All she's going to be left with is a mansion full of broken pieces. By the end, she will be another pawn is a broken home and that doesn't make me happy either.  

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