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DOA5LR: Official Announcement And More Info
Sep 02 2014  Today Dead or Alive 5 Last Round was officially announced to the Western fans through a message from Team Ninja on Facebook (talking about the DLC matter and the prices and ways available for the new game), the release of an English dubbed trailer and the opening of the European and American languages of the official site of the game. These and more infos below:

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Reminder: Halloween Contest Ends July 6th
Jul 01 2014  Fighter...or better, Designers of DoA! There is only a week left before the closing of "DEAD OR ALIVE Team NINJA Designers Challenge Season 2", the second contest hold by the developers for allowing to all the fans to submit their idea in the hope to win the prizes and maybe even to see it released in the game.

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Road To TFC: Pwnit! Sponsoring Winners Of C...
Aug 24 2014  Great news for all the competitve DoA players out there: in addition to "D.I.D. X" and "Summer Jam 8", other two tournaments will become part of the "Road to TFC", this time sponsored not from Team NINJA but from Pwnit! This means that such competitions will allow to the winners of them to take easily part to the DoA's tournament at "The fall Classic" of this year, event that promises to become the greatest showdown in the competitive history of the DoA series! Below you can read additional infos about.

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Nyotengu Day One Combos by UprisingJC
Sep 03 2014  UprisingJC has posted a short video of some combos dedicated to the naughty Tengu princess, Nyotengu!

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The Kunoichi of Destiny's Breakdown by JDE
Mar 12 2014  Kasumi fans everywhere, rejoice! JDE has made a character breakdown guide dedicated to the one and only Kunoichi of Destiny, Kasumi! This breakdown guide will cover the pros and cons of the character, as well as close range combat, spacing, punishment, and more. Check it out!