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The Kunoichi of Destiny's Breakdown by JDE

Kasumi fans everywhere, rejoice! JDE has made a character breakdown guide dedicated to the one and only Kunoichi of Destiny, Kasumi! This breakdown guide will cover the pros and cons of the character, as well as close range combat, spacing, punishment, and more. Check it out!

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"I Know what I must do" - Kasumi

What's up, my fellow brethren?! 1st of all, I want to give quick shout outs to Allan Paris, Shade Swifteye, Prince Adon, B Boy Dragon, Keylay, Tenryuga & Tokyo Pew Pew (for the banner). They are also members to look for if you want help with Kasumi & found a lot of stuff that is posted in this thread. Now I will say Kasumi takes some getting used to if you want to "completely learn & perfect her to a tee. She does great damage, but you have to spend lots of time in the lab/training section to get her juggle timing down to where you'll complete them.

Now back to the main reasons for this topic & yours truly. This topic is to discuss & help people with the proper way to play Kasumi. Kasumi is a pure rushdown character with fast pokes, anti-space tools, and a character that controls the pace of most of her fights. Again she will take some work, but once you learn her, she is a treat.

*New*: This is Kasumi's DOA5U Guide. It is updated with everything that works in vanilla & 5U only. Kasumi in DOA5U has a few changes: 6K is no longer guaranteed, but an option if the opponent doesn't slow escape. It is also holdable. 3PK/4K are new strings, 66KK is now a new string. The original 66KK is now 66K~K, which bounds along with 3PKK. Kasumi overall in 5U was toned down just a tad in terms of damage due to decrease in her output overall & increase of health bar, but also gained new weapons. For example, 3PK/4K (new strings) wall splats guaranteeing BT2P for a juggle follow up. She did not change much however.

+Very Fast (9/11/12)
+Very straightforward at 1st glance for beginners
+Out pokes people very easily
+ Great for aggressive players
+Great baiting out holds
+Stylish juggle combos
+Sexy (for those who like her looks)

+Very unsafe
+Not too many spacing tool options
+Lightweight character
+Juggles take tons of practice for good timing
+ Has a few hitbox issues
+ A good player is punishing you for using unsafe moves

For beginners: If you're looking for terms & knowledge of the guide, please take a look at this before starting.

Close range combat

She is a scary monster when she is up close in your face. She is one of the fastest characters in the game if not THE fastest. She has a 9i high jab, an 11i mid, & a 12i low. She even has a high kick coming out at 11i, & a 15i mid kick. She has very fast throws to chose from, fast pokes, & very good with her opponent backed up against the wall.

Front turned
P - Very fast universal poke coming out at 9 frames (9i). It can interrupt an opponent's high jab or a very slow jab that they use. Very good for punch-grab (tick throw) setups,-3 on block. You could also bait them into high holding for a mid poke.

PP- PP is another tick throwing setup string which is also safe.

PPP- PPP has the same deal as P & PP. It's also a good string after a poke as an option.

PPPP - Another string option, but it's unsafe at -9

PPPPP - *This was one of the changes in 5U* This string is now -8 on block. Be careful with how you use this one & PPPP.

44P - These punch strings all evade attacks & tracks, but they are unsafe on block.

PK - This is a great exchange for most of her match-ups if you catch someone trying to use a high attack against you. The P is a 9i jab along with a kick that beats highs & mids. That tells the story. This gives you frame advantage. With this string, you can free cancel into a string like a PKK > KK7K combo series (PKK7K/PKKP/KKP/KK7K etc) or aim for a different mixup option.

K - The 11 frame (11i) kick coming out as a high.

KK- KK is similar to PK. The difference in between the 2 is that the kick is coming out at 11 frames which is a little bit slower. However, all of the options remain the same in terms of mixup options (KK7K/PKK7K/KKP/PKKP combo series etc).

6P - 6P is the 11 frame mid (11i). Very fast poke that interrupt a slower string of another character. However, depending on a certain character's move, it sometimes doesn't work due to the hitbox issue such as Helena. It can be a pain sometimes, but nonetheless, 6P is a good fast poke that leads to very good options after the poke.

*6PK - 6PK is a safe tool. While it comes out as -12, the kick within the string does a lot of push back enough to keep safe. Arguably one of her best tools to use. If the kick connects within the string, it causes a stun. You have the same option with PP6PK as well (-12 also). With both strings, could either opt for a mid kick that knocks them back for spacing if they don't expecting it or the low kick option that causes a trip stun.

4P- 4P is coming out at 12 frames (12i) as a mid. Another fast poke with the same properties as 6P, sometimes a better option than 6P in certain character match-ups. It possesses crush properties because she ducks under certain strings & interrupts a high jab. 4PP is a high crush.

4PK - 4PK is one of her launching strings. It's unsafe on block, however it's a great option for a mixup to launch with. It's also guaranteed after a few setups that will be mentioned along with the tools that grants it. The full string of it is 4PKK, also a great combo ender for certain juggles.

3P/3PP/3PPP- 3P is another mid option that puts your opponent into a deeper stun than 6P & 4P. It's a great stun to use to extend threshold. It stuffs the low hold options of the opponent as does the others. 3PP is a natural combo that extends the stun even more while 3PPP bounds for juggle options.

P+K/P6P -These are both similar strings that got a buff with the patch & have great tracking. They both have an extra punch within the strings to extend the stun game, P+KP & P6PP.

2P- 2P is a low jab that stops highs & mids. It's 12 frames which is very fast for a low jab. It's also a great jab to use to bait the opponent into low holding & using a mid jab.

1P - 1P is actually not a good poking tool because when it hits on normal hit you are pretty much giving up the advantage to your opponent. For this you should only use it as a defensive poke. It also took a slight nerf.

33P- 33P crushes highs & mids. It's also a small launcher. Since Team Ninja implemented a smooth crouching input within the game, it's a little bit easier to use than before. 33P as a launcher when use allows for stuff like PP6P6K, BT2P > 4PKK etc.

2H+K- A tracking low sweep

66H+K- Running tracking low

4H+K - This is hands down one of her greatest tools in DOA5/5U. It is a mid kick. It can be held, but 4H+K is -6 on block (safe), gives a high bounce from behind on her critical burst as a follow up option, puts them into a sit-down stun, great tool to create space when needed, has several guaranteed follow ups to it, bounds with several small juggle options, & wall splats.

H+K/PPK/44PPK - Another great tool, 17i. In vanilla, it guaranteed 6K, but now it's slow escapable & holdable. However, it still has 9K for all 3 tools that you can't get out of along with 66P for H+K after a stun. The opponent can't slow escape it in time enough to adjust to it. There's also a teching option for the slow escaping opponent, H+K 66PP P+K. The tool itself has many options. You can also transition into the hoshinpo dash from it & bait your opponent into a throw, punch, or kick from it. When the opponent high holds, they will only sidestep it. They can also duck under it with either a low hold or fuzzy guard.

9P/9PK- 9P jumps over the opponent on wake up that gives a BT4P launcher or a 2K. However, if it's blocked it's punishable. 9PK now bounds in 5U. It still guard breaks & is able to still teleport in hoshinpo, but the problem that still remains is that the string hits high, meaning that it can be ducked & leave her vulnerable for a punish of any kind.

33K- 33K is a mid kick launcher.

8K- A high kick launcher.

2KK - A low-to-mid kick launcher.

5T- A neutral throw coming out at 5i, throw breakable.

6T- A punish throw coming out at 7i.

33T- This is her oboro throw. It is now changed back to what it was in vanilla. It's 17i & does more damage since the last patch update. This throw is also has a running grab & a grab after her hoshinpo dash as well.

4T - Another throwing option of her's, the "stomping throw" as most people would like to call it.

214T - A 12i throw.

236T - Also a 12i throw, one of her best tools. This throw can be use for tick throws (as all of her throws can), but this one gives a juggle follow up. She has many options that you can choose from, but you really need at least 2 juggles, 3 at the most ideally (one for the ceiling stages also). You need one BNB juggle (6K PPKK) that hurts near the wall & one that hurts out in open space for each class. If you can, there are other wall juggle options that also hurts the opponent a bit worse, but this one is more reliable. You decide.

46T- A new tool that was added in 5U. +10 throw once it connects keeps pressure with her, can also be looped if you delay it by 2 frames if it's timed correctly, negating crouching & fuzzy guarding, but the opponent can mash out of it.

2T - A low throw also a throw punish that wall splat.

1T- A low throw punishing throw that launches the same way as 236T. However, not all juggles that works for 236T will work for 1T. You need a few juggles that will hurt the worst, basically the same amount for the 236T.

66T - 66T is a good throw, but it's throw breakable. The options after 66T are 66T-T & 66T-K. 66T-T has several options after it (guaranteed): 6P6K, 4PK, & 6PK. All good options after she teleports behind the opponent.

1K- 1K is a 20 frame trip stun that tracks & allows for 6P on no slow escape for stun game entry. It is unsafe because it will leave you at a -16 advantage.

9K/6P6K/PP6P6K - 9K is great option to stop lows, that you can score a counter hit with. After the counter hit in open space, you have 4PKK or if you score a wall hit, you have that along with 33P's relaunch combo option (33P > 2P > 4PKK, etc). Throw the stun game, all of these tools will cause a high ground bounce for a juggle follow up.

3PK /4K/PPPK - These 2 strings are similar except for the 3P in 3PK which hits mid. The kicks in both tools hit highs so they can be ducked if the opponent sees it coming. Both tools on the wall guarantees BT2P & a juggle follow-up 3PK is solid for someone hold low holds up against the wall trying to avoid tools like PP6P6K, 2KK, 4K 66P, & so on with a low hold. Both strings also have an ender to them with each of them having a kick, 3PKK & 4KK giving her BT 2P & a small juggle follow up after it. These strings also received a buff in terms of 3PKP, 4KP, & PPPKP. The launch height now gives her a juggle follow up.

6P2K /4P2K , 3P2K , PP6P2K, K2K, 6K2K - All of these strings have the same enders & track. They force a hard knockdown except for 6P2K. It's a light stun on normal hit, trip stun on counter, & gets a critical stun is a hard knockdown. After the hard knockdowns, you have teching options with 1P, 2K , & such. All of these are unsafe on block.

7K - Not something that you would use normally in the neutral, but it's a great counter hitting tool that also play a key role in certain match-ups such as Brad Wong & his mid kicks in his laydown stance. 7K also isn't a holdable kick. Instead, the opponents side steps the kick if they opt to hold it. It's also a good wall splat option. It also has small follow ups after it with 6P+K (her hoshinpo teleport).

Spacing, whiff punishing/defensive option

Kasumi doesn't have many spacing tools if any at all at the back of the screen. It's not a good idea to mash buttons in order to draw your opponent in. It's better to inch your way in & keep Kasumi within range to order to get in & whiff punish. Eventually, your opponent will back their way into corner, which is where anybody who is facing her does not want to be since she has one of the best wall games in the game.

3P+K- This is her hoshinpo dash. It's mainly used to close in on your opponent when they're backing away. She has 4 options from it. She can either dash in, dash in & punch, kick or throw. The downside of this tool is that if she opts for 3P+KP, it can either be ducked or sidestepped, 3P+KK hits mid, but it can be sidestepped, & her 3P+KT stops tracking but can be ducked. 3P+K itself you have to be careful with in order to avoid being counter-blown.

66K/66K~K/66KK *New tool in 5u - 66K is a whiff punisher. Although its -10, it's a worthy whiff punisher to use. If 66K connects, that opens up options for your offense. If the opponent blocks 66K, 66K~K (The new input change from the original 66KK. It now bounds) is -3 which is safe. 66K~K's bound gives small follow ups like 4PKK, 7K P+K & so on. The risk of the tools is getting held & getting blown up when it gets misused out in space in terms of foolishly running in with them. 66KK which also bounds is unsafe at -17. Another downside to all 3 tools is that they are all can be sidestepped.

66P/66PP - 66P & 66PP are both whiff punishers. 66P causes a stun when opponents hold their gut & fall to the ground while 66PP is a guard break. After they are guard broken, the opponent can either side step with an attack or crush. Crushing will beat all options except for K. The sidestepping options with beat everything except for her throw from hoshinpo. Sidestep attack completely neuters hoshinpo & can only be dealt with by canceling dash & using a tracking attack. With 66PP, you can teleport into frame advantage at +4 if the opponent doesn't hit a button, with options like P+K, 6PK & P6P. When they're close to the wall, you can use 66PP6P+KP for a wall splat & a juggle follow up. However the string coming out of the hoshinpo teleport can be ducked. She can also teleport into +7 with 66P+K6P+K9PK6P+K, but the opponent can duck this even moreso than 66PP6+K. The string can be broken up of the opponent mashes also when she uses it.

7H - High hold

4H - Mid punch hold

6H- Mid kick hold

1H - Low hold, juggle follow up after low kick.

46H- Expert mid kick hold launcher, giving a free juggle follow up. You need 3 juggles at the most for each class just like 1T & 236T.

Her parries are situational. 9H & 3H are normal parries while 49H & 43H are expert parries. If her back is up against the wall, she can use an expert parry, 49H or 43H for a wall splat & combo. Depending on the situation, there's a possibility she could be counter blown also. In order to get off a launcher such as 6P6K, it depends on how bad the opponent is parried. She has be at +7.

These are tools that are used to beat her opponents. The thread will be updated if more is found on her. For, now discuss with other clan members of the MTC tengimon sect in order to combat your foes
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Thank you !! 

I've been learning Kasumi as of recently, I've been getting alot of 20+ win streaks so far from what I learned with her, and with this I can only get better.

Practice makes perfect !

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Just keep in mind that you may have to readjust to her juggles a bit online due to latency. When I get home from this weekend's tournament (If I can get a way there), I'll post a combo thread with updated combos where you guys can go to work there for those who are interested.

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Great write-up, great player.

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Thank you all! Hope you all enjoy it. 

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I told Tenryuga to post a combo thread. I will add it into the guide once it gets up. 

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