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Frame Data Basics w/ Gill Hustle

Gill Hustle has made a quick video on how to use frame data in training mode. For those who are new to frame data and want to learn more about it, this tutorial will help you.
If you still need any assistance, please ask.

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never understood frame data, never was inclined to, always been a casual player who plays for fun with his friends (who mostly stopped playing it now because I tend to win using the basics these days)


tho having said all that I might try to up my game a bit with LR due in less than a month so might give this a look and see if it helps me become more competitive online :)

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Frame Data prevents you from saying "WTF was that?" and "How did your move come out before mines?!" For example, I use Leifang. Leifang's spacing move, 2H+K, is -18 when it's blocked. If I use that move and my opponent blocks low, I would fall victim to the low throw punish.
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