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Frame Data Basics w/ Gill Hustle

Jan 26 2015 03:51 PM | Project Bokuho in Video

Gill Hustle has made a quick video on how to use frame data in training mode. For those who are new to frame data and want to learn more about it, this tutorial will help you.

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Jacky Combo Video by Destruction Bomb

Dec 25 2014 01:57 PM | Project Bokuho in Video

Less talk, more action! DB's new combo video is here, and this one is for Jacky Bryant!

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NyoTengu Combo Video by AiN

Sep 05 2014 11:55 AM | Project Bokuho in Video

"The female tengu stands supereme." Ain's new combo video dedicated to the Nauty Tengu Princess, Nyotengu, proves that point!

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Nyotengu Day One Combos by UprisingJC

Sep 03 2014 01:50 AM | Project Bokuho in Video

UprisingJC has posted a short video of some combos dedicated to the naughty Tengu princess, Nyotengu!

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Bayman H+K Limbo Stun Combo Video by UprisingJC

Aug 02 2014 04:58 PM | Project Bokuho in Video

UprisingJC is back with more combo videos. And this one is for Bayman's H+K limbo stun! Check it out.

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Leon Tips and Tricks by SlyBass

Jul 17 2014 01:43 PM | Sly Bass in Video

They don't call Leon "The Strongest Man in The World" for nothing, you know! SlyBass has made a video to help players with Leon. Witness what happens when you let this beast loose.

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