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Ver.1.03A Update Details

The Ver. 1.03A update being released today for PlayStation®3 is listed as "Ver. 1.04" on the PS3 software update screen. After the update has been successfully applied, the version information on the bottom right of the DOA5 title screen should read "Ver. 1.03A". The hardware version name for PS3 has been changed to reflect that the content of the update is exactly identical to the update for Xbox 360®.
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Is it available for X360 or should I wait -_-
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wait. Only out for PS3 so far
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Yep, just PS3 today. They'll probably have it available for the 360 next week.
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I can't wait for the xbox release!
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I usually don't like to complain too much but don't u think the xbox ppl should get the dlc for free or a cut? They said they would release them both, on the same day....

oh well, I'll just wait patiently, again...
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^ Well, they never said the "A" version would be released the same day, but I agree that we should at least get some amount of money off from the DLC.
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Sighs.. Great more waiting for the 360's owners. (WaterPetals) Well Lei Fang, keep your heels on girl, we're not going to the beach today. (Lei Fang) Aww..
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awww i want this already :( oh well just a bit longer.
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I tired of waiting for this patch.
TN is taking too much time to release this patch.
I think that we need something, to compensate the long wait. But i guess that's not gonna happen.
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