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Nyo-Tengu DOAX3 Demo

A new and short clip of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has surfaced -- this time it's all about the booty.

This is not a high quality clip, but it doesn't need to be to show you the advanced and revolutionary deforming of skin. Nyotengu might have dropped her wings for this vacation, but she's also dropping that bum on a volleyball -- and it's looking awfully squishy down there! This is another demonstration of The Soft Engine 2.0.

What do you think of this updated graphics engine? It's nice to know other characters are going to utilize this feature well other than Honoka.
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That is one LUCKY VOLLEYBALL. I want to get hugged by Nyotengu. ^-^

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Where's her wings??? that's not Nyotengu if she doesn't have wings
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Well -- that's Nyotengu and she can magically make them disappear.
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Nah, not buying it... she's not Nyotengu... just some human lookalike :)
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