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Naotora Now Available!

Naotora is now ready to fight!
Naotora is a new DLC character from the Samurai Warriors Series. She is available for XBOX ONE and PS4 users. She may not be available for every PS4 owner until the PSN Store updates for your region. If you like, you can also buy Naotora's Debut Pack. Naotora will be available for Steam users next week along with the new DLC pack.

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Hooray for Samurai Warriors character. Her theme is pretty awesome as well!
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Naotora theme is pretty good, but she is meh.....
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I love Naotora Ii, she's so fun to play. She's the best DLC female character compare to Marie Rose, NyoTengu and Honoka. However I thought Phase 4 was pretty cool though.

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hmm I guess I kinda stopped paying attention to DOA since DOAX has been prevented from selling i America. I had no Idea this character was coming until today.
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