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Fighter Chronicles Episode 3

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It would be nice if they added a raining stage, with thunder and lighting to make the fight more intense and exciting. T
he characters skin, clothes and hair could get wet. But never the less, all the stages they showed us, are nice so far:D
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I agree that the stages are pretty diverse so far. I just hope there is a true beach stage like in DOA3(:
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I have to agree with you as well ElegantStep, a new beach stage would be awesome ^_^
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That was a nice watch. Stage design is one thing that DOA has always done pretty well, and much like with everything else, it's great to see that aspect taking a step forward in DOA5. I'm pleased to see that the diversity of the stages improve as more about the game has been revealed, too.

I would add that I like WaterPetals' idea about a stage with rainy weather a lot, though, especially considering the effects that have been added to the game.
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Yeah count me in on the raining stage! Maybe a raining beach stage like the one in the DOA movie while Helena and Christie were fighting? o_O
I don't like the movie too much due to the bad story line and character inaccuracy but that fight was intense(:
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Thanks E


and M


for liking my idea. As for ElegantStep, a rainy beach area sound great. Also I agree, the movie was pretty bad sighs.. Anyway, have a good one you guys :D
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I'd really like all of the stages from previous doa games to be available as dlc. most of all forest from doa 3, aerial gardens from doa ultimate and gamblers paradise from doa 4.
by the way, a raining stage would be very interesting!
also, doa5 seems to be missing any stage with stairs... too bad!
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am waiting more stage dlc old soundtrack remix and swimsuit because just now i played DOA2 hard.core version ps3 i love tina customs ayane and custom ryu
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