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Check out the featured streams here Daily on DOAWorld! So many players now able to stream you can now get your DOA5 Last Round fix any time! Always check back to see which community member is playing!




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Awesome: with the new amount of strreamers, the popularity of the game will just end to increase.

Seriously, this possibility could be the best buff for DoA5LR ;)

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I agree.  Is there a streams link here or in members profiles page? 

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A good idea is to just look at all the streams for the game on twitch, just look out for those japanese douchebags that are just going into camera mode to get panty shots. A guy had 600 viewers earlier by doing that.
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I know this comment may not be desired by some but any chance to could remove the live stream itself from the main page (I don't mind at all when linked here) it's just that it plays havoc with my net connection when on mobile internet and eats up my credit.


I think the streams in general are a good idea tho, just prefer it not to be on main page while I'm checking the news.

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Randark thanks for the input. what we will do is as the game ages we will have it on the forum area were most of our previous streams have been at. for now since the game is really hot on every system we want to bring awareness to everyone. After that it will go back to being on the forum index unless there is a special stream coming up.
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Fair enough, thanks for the reply, I know this was more a personal request than anything and totally understand you want as much awareness as possible.


Anyway, was kinda getting used to just scrolling past stuff like this while on mobile connection due to the way the doa:lr site is these days (full background vid playing) so it's not a huge issue.

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Good stuff, keep streaming.
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