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DOA5 Emphasis on stage interactions

DOA 5 places an emphasis on these interactions. You can hold down the trigger button and charge up an attack that has the prime purpose of knocking your opponent into the walls of the stage, initiating a quick-time event where you must hit a button in time to generate a damaging reaction. Defensively, you'll be able to pull off a few new moves as well. Getting kicked off of a ledge will trigger another event, where hitting the button at just the right moment will cause your character to "grab" the ledge and not get knocked down. These moves give DOA5 a more "action game" feel than your typical fighter, and might help it stand out in the crowded fighting genre. However, from what we saw at the preview event, it's inclusion in DOA 5 feels pretty gimmicky and doesn't add much in the way of skill-based gameplay. Granted, we did only see it working in one area, but hopefully the feature will be fleshed out more. [ Read More... ]

Source : The Fighting Spirit is Alive and Kicking in DOA5, IGN
by Steven Hopper
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The guy who wrote this article obviously doesn't know much about doa "the last entry was DOA 4 at the Xbox 360's launch" that' what i call stupid >.>
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Every time I see someone talk smack about DOA because it's not complex enough I pity them. They're obviously past the point where they play games to kill time or get with friends. It's all one big math equation to them! DOA5 is the first fighter to get my interest since the new MK, which itself was the first since DOA4
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Wow. That sounds awful.
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Kono monogatari no sakusha wa don'na aji ga nai!
(The author of this story does not have any taste!)
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The guy at IGN that wrote that really knows nothing about the game. Let him play online in DOA4 and see how many loses he gets by mashing his easy combos on someone. As I see it, they still fail to understand that DOA is not about mimicking other fighting game combat systems, it's about rythm, flow anticipación and, even if bothers him, luck.

Just give him a SSFIVAE and don't make him write previews or reviews without actually playing the games he's supposed to have played in depth.
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No web site (ie: ign, gamespot) is good at giving fighting games proper reviews because most of them are not that hardcore...
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Umm... DOA4 itself is more of a button-masher. Button mash online (especially as Zach) and you can randomly do a stupid-amount of damage to enemies, which is why even SS ranks hate those "low health, 2 round" matches. All it takes is a few random hits, and a lucky counter, you are smashed into something, and 3/4 of your health is gone.

Dead or Alive 4 is a big "guessing game."
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Even after I got multiple S and SS rank accounts in Dead or Alive 4, way too much luck is involved. All it takes is a couple random counters (which already take too much damage) or random inputs, and BOOM get knocked into a bunch of crap, most your health is gone.

I'm a Dead or Alive fan, but I agree with IGN (atleast regarding Dead or Alive 4)
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