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2016 Designer Challenge

Team NINJA wants your help designing the Halloween 2016 Costume Pack. Submit your art by 5/16 - Japan Standard Time.
You can check out the rules, submit your designs via social media and you can even peruse some examples from previous contests at Team NINJA's Official Site for the event. Have you submitted your entry to the design contest? If so feel free to share it here as well in the comments section! Good luck to all the artists!
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while I love the idea of fan based costumes, seeing this happening again makes me think there's probably going to be a 5th season pass once season 4 is over. Kind of makes me wish TN would just make DoA 6 instead of giving us more DLC for a game that at this point is 4 years old
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You're not going to see DOA6 for a while Team Ninja have already announced a Battle Toyale 2017 for Last Round specifically so you're gonna have to wait until 2018 the earliest.

What's the rush anyways? There was 5 years between DOA3 and 4 and 7 between 4 and 5
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I really like this type of events, and I am glad Tecmo keeps doing it. I hope nice costumes for Helena, Zack, Leifang, Kokoro & La Mariposa.
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Not sure if i want to enter this year. All of my previous entries have been hand drawn on paper; coming out dark when i upload them. So with that, i rather just sit this one out. Best of luck to everyone else who enters.
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