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Dead or Alive News

Patch 1.06 and Nurse Outfits

Apr 15 2014 06:54 PM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Thanks to Radiance and Air Gear we know that the location tests for 1.06 have started, and included in the arcade version are some nice nurse outfits that will also be available on console soon.

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Over 3 Hours of DOA5U: Arcade Footage

Apr 14 2014 05:28 AM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Community member, Drift Slave just pointed out that three hours of arcade footage has been released on a ustream channel. Phase 4 fans are in for a real treat.

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Tecmo Koei Showing More Interest in PC

Apr 13 2014 02:58 AM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Recently Tecmo Koei has expressed interest in releasing more PC titles. With Yaiba available on Steam; how long before we can expect a Dead or Alive port or new title to come to the most powerful platform?

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FT3 Series by Sly Bass

Apr 10 2014 03:11 AM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Recently, Sly Bass has created a series that highlights his Akira Yuki and other members from the community. If you enjoy watching competitive DOA matches, and can't wait for the next tournament -- give this series a watch.

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Patch 1.05A Released For Xbox

Apr 07 2014 04:55 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Today the 1.05A patch for Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate was made available for the Xbox users. The patch should fix the problems caused by the selection of Marie Rose's voice as "system setting" (previously able to cause the freeze of the game).

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Price Drop For Yaiba:NGZ (ShopTo)

Apr 07 2014 04:10 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Currently the online video games retailer "ShopTo" gives the possibility to buy the Xbox and PS3 version of "YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z" with a discount of the 60%: from the standard price of £49,99 to £19,85.

EDIT: Currently the discount was futher increased to the 64% (£17.86): thanks to UpSideDownGRUNT for the notice.

Direct link for the purchasing: http://www.shopto.ne...-ninja-gaiden-z

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YAIBA: NGZ - Full Digital Comic Freely Available

Apr 04 2014 10:55 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

The special edition of YAIBA: Ninja Gaiden Z was released together with a comic depicting some tidbits of the past of Yaiba and his' sword 'Heartless":In the previous weeks the first two parts of the comics were freely released even on the official site of the Dark Horse (of course under digital format), yesterday even the third and last part was made available for everyone.

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Sale for Core Fighters 19.99 for a limited time...

Apr 03 2014 02:18 AM | Kas12 in Dead or Alive News

Tecmo is having a sale on PSN for Core Fighters, all fighters and costumes from DoA5 and DoA5+ except for Marie Rose can be bought in a pack for 19.99 until Sony underps itself and adjusts the price to 29.99. So jump on this while you can. So you're basically getting a DoA5U disc for $20 digitally.

[EDIT: The discount for the outfits bundle will be made available also for the XBOX 360 users]

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