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Road To TFC: Pwnit! Sponsoring Winners Of Cali Crush & GUTS3

Road To TFC TFC Pwnit! Cali Crush GUTS

Great news for all the competitve DoA players out there: in addition to "D.I.D. X" and "Summer Jam 8", other two tournaments will become part of the "Road to TFC", this time sponsored not from Team NINJA but from Pwnit! This means that such competitions will allow to the winners of them to take easily part to the DoA's tournament at "The fall Classic" of this year, event that promises to become the greatest showdown in the competitive history of the DoA series! Below you can read additional infos about.
Pwnit! support will grant the creation of two regional DoA tournaments, one at the third annual GUTS, taking place September 19-21, and the oter at the inaugural Cali Crush, taking place September 13, 2014. The 2 players that will get the first placement in both such regional qualifiers will see sponsored their partecipation to the The Fall Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina (10-12 October) through their airfare and lodging for it.

Below it's possible to read the full press release related to the announcement:


Pwnit! To Sponsor Winners From New England and West Coast Regional Tournaments
For The Road to The Fall Classic Fighting Game Tournament

Los Angeles, CA (August 21, 2014) – Pwnit! (www.pwnit.com) the new online video
sharing platform for gamers, has joined forces with Team NINJA and KOEI TECMO
AMERICA to officially sponsor two Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate finalists on their road to
the East Coast’s premier fighting game tournament, The Fall Classic (TFC). Pwnit!’s
support of the tournament creates two official regional qualifiers at the third
annual GUTS, taking place September 19-21, and inaugural Cali Crush, taking place
September 13, 2014.

Following in Team NINJA’s lead, Pwnit!’s sponsorship plans will send the 1st place
players from New England and the West Coast to The Road to TFC finals. Pwnit!,
a platform known for rewarding gamers’ skills, will sponsor the two regional
champions from Boston’s GUTS3 and Los Angeles’s Cali Crush tournaments with
airfare and lodging to attend The Fall Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina. Over the
weekend of October 10-12 in Raleigh, they will join other top DOA players, including
Team Ninja’s own sponsored finalists from tournaments in Dallas and Philly and
make history in 2014’s largest DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Ultimate showdown.

For more information on each tournament and for their official rules, please
visit: www.calicrushtournament.com, www.Game-Underground.com and

For Dead or Alive fans that prefer schooling their opponents from the comfort of
their own living room, Pwnit! will continue to offer video clip contests. Show off
your best DOA skills and win on the Ladders at www.pwnit.com.

About GUTS3, September 19-21st

GUTS3 (Game Underground Tournament Spectacular 3) is New England's premiere
3 day video game tournament. Come compete with the top pro gamers from around
the world in the hottest new and classic games. Included this year is a Capcom Pro
Tour Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament, Super Smash Bros Melee, Project
M, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mario Kart 8 and many more. With over 30
tournaments spanning 3 days there is something for everyone. Experience the
excitement of the 5v5 Boston vs. New York exhibition matches on Saturday night
and cheering on the top 8 players in each of our main event games doing battle in
front hundreds in attendance and thousands watching at home on our multiple live
streams. More details can be found at www.game-underground.com.

About the Cali Crush, September 13th

As the host of Cali Crush, Ultimate Gaming Center’s mission is to provide a
safe, fun, drug-free environment to those who claim to be the best at what they
do "Gaming". We stop at nothing short of creating a strong "friendly competition"
environment that sparks motivation in day-to-day life. Those who succeed in
becoming the Ultimate Gamer rightfully walk with the ultimate swagger. For more
details please visit: www.ugcgamer.com.

Prime Directive Multimedia is a Los Angeles based company which promotes
and guides intellectual community dialogue through the creation of active and
interactive media. High quality entertainment, by any means necessary. For more
information please visit: www.primedirectivemultimedia.com.

SoCal DOA was created with one mission in mind, locate the best players
of Dead or Alive and offer them a place to shine. What began as casual get-
togethers in Inglewood, CA, quickly became a rallying banner for high level
DOA players in Southern California. For more information on SoCal DOA please
visit: www.thesocaldoa.com.

About Pwnit!

Pwnit!® is a Los Angeles based startup with a single mission – to create the number
one online destination for rewarding amazing gaming moments. They have created
a unique video-sharing social platform where gamers create profiles and upload
their best videogame clips, which can be shared with friends across other social
networks and also entered into weekly themed Ladders. Pwnit! players vote for
their favorite clips, with the most popular videos winning prizes.

Sign up today and join Pwnit! at www.pwnit.com. To learn about the latest Ladders,
winners and prizing, follow @Pwnit on Twitter.

About Dead or Alive

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 ULTIMATE is available for the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®
at retailers nationwide and is rated “M” (Mature) by the ESRB. The game is also
available for digital purchase through PlayStation® Store.

KOEI TECMO AMERICA CORP. is a publisher of interactive entertainment software
for current generation consoles, handhelds and digital download content based in
Burlingame, California. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of KOEI TECMO
HOLDINGS CO., LTD., headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. TECMO is best known for
the Dead or Alive®, Ninja Gaiden®, Tecmo Bowl®, and Fatal Frame® series. KOEI is
best known for its Dynasty Warriors® and Samurai Warriors® franchises. On April
1, 2009, TECMO KOEI HOLDINGS CO., LTD was established as a result of the TECMO,
LTD. and KOEI Co., Ltd. merger.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Melody Ann Pfeiffer
(415) 297-9590

So far the DoA champions Master and SweetRevenge were able to get this opportunity in quality respectively of first and second finisher at D.I.D X, more remember that there is less than a week left to the starting of the "Summer Jam 8" where other 2 DoA players will be able to win their ticket for the TFC (note that in these two events the first and second qualified players end to be sponsored, while in both the qualifiers organized by Pwnit! only the first placement). Who will be able to join them in the "Road to TFC"?
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Cali Crush was sensational... hoping for more tournament fun at GUTS3!
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