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Tournaments & Events

D-Town Beatdowns (Plano, Texas)

Feb 10 2014 09:44 PM | Project Bokuho in Tournaments & Events

Attention all DFW players:
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be at D-Town Beatdowns on February 22nd! If you live in the DFW area, then Pre-Register for the tournament ASAP before it's too late.

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Pwnit Post: New DOAWorld Ladder

Jan 04 2014 01:02 AM | MASTER in Tournaments & Events

Pwnit.com recently posted their new DOA5U Ladder inspired by DOAWorld. Check out how you can win YAIBA for free!

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NEC XIV Schedule and Stream

Dec 07 2013 04:54 AM | deathofaninja in Tournaments & Events

If you're interested in watching some competitive DOA on this icy weekend, we got you covered with the schedule of NEC XIV as well as links to the streams. Read the full story for more important information.

Live Bracket: http://challonge.com/nec14doa5utop8
Congratulations, Sweet Revenge!

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Tournament Results: BEST of the Battle IV

Nov 28 2013 10:11 PM | NuksNukNuk in Tournaments & Events

Last Saturday BOTB4 took place in San Jose, California. Players from different communities in the fighting game scene gathered to compete and play casuals. The event was also a food drive to raise canned goods to donate. While it was not streamed this time around, Capsule Entertainment was on board to record player matches. Click this sentence for the brackets.

DOA5U Results:
1st - NykNyks :leifang:
2nd - AFD Requiem :helena:

3rd - Sorry Baskets :leon: :christie:

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Pwnit Giving DLC & PS4 for Ryu Combo Videos...

Nov 15 2013 03:18 AM | MASTER in Tournaments & Events

Our good friends at Pwnit.com are giving out more DOA5U DLC inspired by DOAWorld owner, MASTER (Me). Top 3 get DLC and 1st place gets Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge for uploading the sickest Hayabusa Combo you can come up with. On top of that, for uploading a video to ANY of the ladders you are automatically entered for a chance to win a PS4!

As always the Ladders are free to enter and easy to set up so go over to our buds at Pwnit.com and start uploading and getting votes.

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OST 11 (Cumberland, Rhode Island)

Nov 02 2013 01:59 AM | LordXav1er in Tournaments & Events

Attention all players in Rhode Island, and in the North East! The eleventh Ocean State Transformation Tournament has been announced, so get ready to mark your calendars!

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BEST of the Battle IV (San Jose, California)

Oct 31 2013 06:31 AM | NuksNukNuk in Tournaments & Events

Those who live in the west coast: update your calendars, because BEST of the Battle IV will be on November 23rd in San Jose, California! Come participate in the fourth installment one of Northern California's BEST fighting game tournament series.

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Tournament Dates and Current Events

Oct 30 2013 02:17 AM | J.D.E. in Tournaments & Events

Explore this article to learn of all: offline tournaments, events and competitive/casual gatherings. Brought to you by competitive player, J.D.E.

Whats going on NOW: D.I.D IX
Where: Dallas, Texas
When: 11.9.13 and 11.10.13

http://www.twitch.tv/pandaxgaming for top 8 Sunday 2p.m. (more info after the jump)
http://www.twitch.tv/saltymayhem for Saturday Stream 1P.M.

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