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A Merry DoA5U Christmas Video

Doa5U Merry Christmas Jingle Bells SinfulDesireENT

Here another video from the community: under the Christmas time the FSD user SinfulDesireENT created few days ago a very particular version of "Jingle Bells" in Dead or Alive fighting style; it's seemed to me nice to share it with you guys too =)
Below the video (don't be tricked from the sexy preview XD) and the descritpion of it:

Special thanks goes out to those who've helped out.
Merry Christmas everyone!

If you enjoyed anything about the video, please leave a like. Any type of support is greatly appreciated.

For more news and updates,

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Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/SiNFuL_CrystaL

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super!!!! :-)
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quick question, the picture on the vid (before you click play) wheres that from?


edit: nm, found it on Deviantart

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Cool! haha
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