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Dead or Alive Community

Epona Coming as Weapon DLC for Hyrule Warriors

Sep 26 2014 10:29 PM | Kas12 in Dead or Alive Community

The first line of support from Nintendo for Hyrule Warriors is the HW: Master Quest pack, which will contain a number of things such as weapons, maps, and a new scenario.

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Reminder: Halloween Contest Ends July 6th

Jun 30 2014 07:20 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

Fighter...or better, Designers of DoA! There is only a week left before the closing of "DEAD OR ALIVE Team NINJA Designers Challenge Season 2", the second contest hold by the developers for allowing to all the fans to submit their idea in the hope to win the prizes and maybe even to see it released in the game.

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J.D.E. on "Why should I go to a tournament?...

May 21 2014 07:12 PM | J.D.E. in Dead or Alive Community

I'll also make a blog entry on this too for recommendation for aspiring players. Now why should you go to tournaments? This thread is to give advice & to help those with the decision of going to an offline event or gatherings.

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D.I.D. 10 - Logo/Banner Contest

May 16 2014 06:50 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

The tenth edition of Doa In Dallas is always more close to us this year even the waiting for the tournament reserve some interesting surprises for the casual side of the community. Read below to know how to partecipate to a contest hold opened to the DoA community through D.I.D. 10

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A Look Back In Time: D.i.D. 9

May 09 2014 10:50 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

Let's continue our voyage in the past of the DoA in Dallas' history with a brief foreshortening on the last tournament, D.i.D. 9

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Essay on Tengu

Apr 03 2014 10:00 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

From some time there is an internal matter inside the vocal Dead or Alive community that unites and divides the fandom, the possiblity or less to include in the last episode of the series the character Tengu. Seeing the proportions that assumed the thing, seems only right to spend a few words on the subject.

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