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Dead or Alive Community

Essay on Tengu

Apr 03 2014 10:00 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

From some time there is an internal matter inside the vocal Dead or Alive community that unites and divides the fandom, the possiblity or less to include in the last episode of the series the character Tengu. Seeing the proportions that assumed the thing, seems only right to spend a few words on the subject.

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DOAWorld mentioned in Examiner.com interview

Dec 21 2013 04:08 AM | MASTER in Dead or Alive Community

One of the recent partnerships, ever since new management came in, was with Pwnit.com and they just so happen to mention us on one of there interviews with Examiner.com.

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Endless Possibilities: Hayabusa combo video

Mr. DOA Master put together a heart pounding combo video show casing Ryu Hayabusa's guaranteed combo's. (I totally hope he doesn't mind that I came up with a name for his combo vid)

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Dead or Alive 6 Story Ideas

Apr 19 2013 11:55 PM | Awesmic in Dead or Alive Community

So many story ideas for DOA6. So. Many. Ideas.

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TKPlayers and DOAWorld

Mar 01 2013 07:31 PM | MASTER in Dead or Alive Community

This is just a short and quick announcement about DOAWorld and TKPlayers simply stating that TKPlayers will be momentarily rerouting its users here to DOAWorld. Now that both sites are considered sister sites under the new ownership, there will be links going to both sites but for now TKPlayers is down for some updates.

A more formal announcement will be made later about the ownership and how DOAW and TKP will work together in the future.

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Dead or Alive 5: Kokoro Combo video by Emperor Cow

Oct 31 2012 12:31 AM | Project Bokuho in Dead or Alive Community

Check out the latest combo video by Emperor Cow.
This time, Kokoro shows off her Ba Ji Quan skills!

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EVO 2013

Oct 26 2012 09:29 AM | doaworld in Dead or Alive Community

Want to see Dead or Alive 5 at EVO 2013? Then head on over to the the EVO Facebook fan page and vote on their recent poll. Note that the top games in the poll do not guarantee to make the line up, but it helps.

Vote ( requires Facebook )

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