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Dead or Alive Community

A Merry DoA5U Christmas Video

Dec 26 2014 12:25 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

Here another video from the community: under the Christmas time the FSD user SinfulDesireENT created few days ago a very particular version of "Jingle Bells" in Dead or Alive fighting style; it's seemed to me nice to share it with you guys too =)

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"Show The Love Contest" (2nd Update)

Oct 18 2014 06:15 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

Anthony Birraux proposed an initiative to the fans on the official Dead Or Alive Facebook page, asking me to share the invite with you:

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Help Donate to Katsu

Oct 18 2014 05:02 PM | Project Bokuho in Dead or Alive Community

For those are not familiar, Katsu has helped Sorwah (Founder of FreeStepDodge) organize brackets and run livestreams for tournaments in Philadelphia for two years. If you attended TFC recently and met him, you know that he is very active in this community and his passion for DOA is strong.

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Halloween DLC - Message From Team NINJA

Oct 16 2014 12:15 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

Team NINJA posted on the DoA site a message of thanks to the fans for the partecipation to the contests.

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Epona Coming as Weapon DLC for Hyrule Warriors

Sep 26 2014 10:29 PM | Kas12 in Dead or Alive Community

The first line of support from Nintendo for Hyrule Warriors is the HW: Master Quest pack, which will contain a number of things such as weapons, maps, and a new scenario.

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Reminder: Halloween Contest Ends July 6th

Jun 30 2014 07:20 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive Community

Fighter...or better, Designers of DoA! There is only a week left before the closing of "DEAD OR ALIVE Team NINJA Designers Challenge Season 2", the second contest hold by the developers for allowing to all the fans to submit their idea in the hope to win the prizes and maybe even to see it released in the game.

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