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Eliot Conquers Christie

Aug 30 2015 08:42 PM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

The latest major tournament in Team NINJA's 2015 Battle Royal has concluded and XcaliburBladeZ is the rightful winner of Summer Jam!

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SJ9 - Stream and Brackets

Aug 29 2015 11:04 PM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Today Summer Jam is live with Semi-Finals. There were some complications pertaining to the stream, but it will be happening; and we start live in an hour!

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DoA5LR: DLC Promotions

Aug 26 2015 07:30 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

This is a nice time for being a fan of DoA, various promotions are getting place during the followings weeks! Be sure to continue the read for giving a look to them:

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Famitsu Spills the Beans on DOAX3

Aug 19 2015 03:07 AM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Well, as if things weren't already bad for Western players desiring some DOAX3; we learn today that the game is set to be exclusive to the Playstation 4 and Vita. We also learn some new details about DOAX3 that are not good to say the least; purely negative really.

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Educational Stream 2nd Class

Aug 16 2015 03:20 AM | MASTER in Dead or Alive News

If you didnt catch the last educational stream MASTER had for the community in regards to 'Hidden Frame Data' don't worry its on his youtube and twitch channel however theres a 2nd class finally coming! Make sure to read up on how to be involved and what time to attend class.

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1.04 Now Live

Aug 11 2015 03:58 AM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

The new FIREWORK stage is available on the XBOX ONE and PS4 as well as the balance updates! Continue reading for a trailer of the new dlc outfits and stage. Thanks Kas12 for the beautiful Kasumi piece celebrating the release of a new stage!

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