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DOAX3 Rant, Last Round DLC

Aug 01 2015 07:07 PM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Even though this was covered already, let's discuss it further. After Kwiggle's monumental win at the 100+ DOA Festival in Japan announcements were made. DOAX3 being made for the Japanese audience only? Bad press or not, DOA still always sells the best in the states... so how would this ever make sense?

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DOA Festival Announcements!

Aug 01 2015 11:20 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

There were plenty of news during the final announcements made from the TN leader Yosuke Hayashi at the DoA Festival, news that should make happy the casual fans of the series but at the same time blinking an eye to the competitive ones. Continue to read for knowing what there is in the close future of DoA5LR (and even a certain beach volleyball spin off)!

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DOA Festival Mega Post

Jul 30 2015 12:38 AM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

The Dead or Alive Festival takes place this weekend, and it's sure to not disappoint! In celebration of the communities growth and dedication there will be EXCITING NEWS pertaining to DOA, a tournament, a cosplay contest and more! Continue reading for a full rundown.

EDIT: Post updated with the many announcements made at the end of the DoA Festival!

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DoA Festival: Photo Contest Online Voting Pool

Jul 25 2015 09:35 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Yesterday was finally made availabe the online pool for the in-game photo contest, one of the initiatives promoted from Team NINJA for the DoA Festival. Continue to read for knowing all the details about where and how to vote.

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Tina and La Mariposa Free Trial

Jul 23 2015 07:30 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

The pro-wrestling world become available for a free trial of 14 days: Tina and La Mariposa make their entrance in the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One of the DoA fans until the 4th August.

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DoA5LR: Tamiki Wakaki DLC Set

Jul 21 2015 10:00 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Today starts officially the second season of DLC for DoA5 Last Round and the very first pack open it introducing a special guest: the renewed manga artist Tamiki Wakaki was called to design the outfits models for giving so the birth to a pack of 16 costumes, one for each DoA girl. Continue the read below for knowing further details about the pack and the 2nd season pass.

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