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Pinned  Road To TFC - Recapitulation

May 30 2014 02:00 PM | Kronin in Tournaments & Events

On the official site of Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Team NINJA has just published a summary of the main tournaments that will constitute "The Road To The Fall Classic 2014".

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Marie Rose Ladder Round 2

Jul 25 2014 02:24 AM | Project Bokuho in Dead or Alive News

Pwnit has a new ladder for DOA, but one is for Marie Rose once again. Here's the scoop.

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Eliot and Leifang Free Trial

Jul 23 2014 01:35 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

The age-old tradition of the Chinese martial arts become available for a free trial of 14 days: Eliot and Leifang make their entrance in the PS3 of the DoA fans until 8th August!

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Apprentice of the Dragon

Jul 22 2014 06:09 PM | EMPEROR_COW in Dead or Alive News

Emperor Cow's latest production features Momiji combos, guarantees, burst setups, power launchers and more. Anyone doing any lab work with Momiji at all should check this video out immediately!

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Leon Tips and Tricks by SlyBass

Jul 17 2014 01:43 PM | Sly Bass in Video

They don't call Leon "The Strongest Man in The World" for nothing, you know! SlyBass has made a video to help players with Leon. Witness what happens when you let this beast loose.

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Jul 17 2014 05:31 AM | Fred Campbell in Dead or Alive News

Man that Mason Dixon Line!

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Halloween Contest: Results (Update)

Jul 16 2014 12:50 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Today Team NINJA revealed the outcome of the pool for the Halloween contest addressed to the fans of the game, below all the winners:

Important note: So far the outcomes were only showned on the official page of the DoA5U site but no official announcement by TN was done on their Twitter or Facebook profiles. For this reason it's possible that later the article will be expanded with new infos, statements and eventually even jury awards for peculiar outfits favourited by Team NINJA.

Update: On the page of the official site where appear the winner entries, TN added a message (the English is not perfect, but however understandable):

"Thank you to everybody who took part in this competition.
Please let us display the top 10 costumes selected by your voting from the unvierse. We might pick up some other costumes for the prize and including those, we will contact you separately through Facebook, Twitter and email. We apologize We delayed to exhibit some of your designs and a few of the costumes are missing. We will contact you shortly".

So even this time TN announced that other outfits not in the top ten could end to get some special recognition and prize like in the last contest, however this time the authors of such designs will be contacted privately (together with the authors of the top 10 designs), so apparently they will not be disclosed in a public way.

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Hajin for TFC 2014

Jul 16 2014 05:06 AM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Hajin is a player that has earned his stripes within this community by not only learning the ropes of one of the game’s most technical characters and sharing all of his findings, but he has been building a great offline scene with some other great players in California. You can give back to this informative player by helping Hajin get to TFC.

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