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Pinned  Road To TFC: Pwnit! Sponsoring Winners Of C...

Aug 23 2014 11:20 AM | Kronin in Tournaments & Events

Great news for all the competitve DoA players out there: in addition to "D.I.D. X" and "Summer Jam 8", other two tournaments will become part of the "Road to TFC", this time sponsored not from Team NINJA but from Pwnit! This means that such competitions will allow to the winners of them to take easily part to the DoA's tournament at "The fall Classic" of this year, event that promises to become the greatest showdown in the competitive history of the DoA series! Below you can read additional infos about.

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Pinned  Road To TFC - Recapitulation

May 30 2014 02:00 PM | Kronin in Tournaments & Events

On the official site of Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Team NINJA has just published a summary of the main tournaments that will constitute "The Road To The Fall Classic 2014".

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DOA5LR: Official Announcement And More Info

Sep 02 2014 02:45 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Today Dead or Alive 5 Last Round was officially announced to the Western fans through a message from Team Ninja on Facebook (talking about the DLC matter and the prices and ways available for the new game), the release of an English dubbed trailer and the opening of the European and American languages of the official site of the game. These and more infos below:

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DoA5LR (For Old & Next Gen) - Extended Teaser

Sep 01 2014 10:04 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Today it was inaugurated the official site of DoA5 Last Round, where it was released pictures and an official extended version (1 minute lenght) of the teaser showned yesterday: exactly like happened for the first trailer for Ultimate, it's possible to get a first short but tasteful glimpse of some additions very loved from the casual fans, as original hairstyles, animations, outfits (with a glimpse about them of what many fans were waiting for some time...), stages and graphic innovations.

Without spoilering anything, I invite everyone to give a look to the video below.

EDIT: In the page of the official site for DoA5:LR it's possible to see the mention of the platforms Xbox and Ps3 together with Xbox One and PS4; so apparently we should think that the game will find the light even on the old generation, but it's not sure if as an update for DoA5U or a completely new game (but of course I suppose that the graphic side will be always different from the PS4/Xbox One versions). However before to talk with certainty about this matter will be necessary to get more official infos from Team NINJA.

EDIT2: More news about the previous matter old/next generation, thanks to CyberEvil from FSD for sharing the info:
"Speaking from the main stage of Summer Jam 8, Team NINJA Creative Director Tom Lee has just confirmed that Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will be hitting all consoles DoA5U has already released on (so even PS3 and XBOX 360) as well Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The same teaser shown earlier today in Japan at the DoA5U Summer Carnival by Hayashi Yosuke was shown on stage (in English this time) and the game will be arriving Spring 2015. It was also confirmed to be the final Dead or Alive 5 installment. Please continue the discussion below!"
Source: http://www.freestepd...-consoles.4812/

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"Dead or Alive 5 Last Round" Announced

Aug 31 2014 11:50 AM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

During the ending of the DoA5UA Summer Carnival, big DoA tournament that saw involved the major champions of the Eastern area and first competition in absolute played on the Arcade version, the producer of the game Yosuke Hayashi announced a new game: Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, porting of the last episode of the series that will hit the console of the next generations PS4 and Xbox One in the Spring of 2015.

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Capcom Sues Tecmo-Koei

Aug 26 2014 04:38 PM | MASTER in Dead or Alive News

Some interesting things have been going on in the gaming industry. Some companies are meeting goals and others are available for a buyout. Recently Capcom has become one of those companies. This is quite surprising since this is the company that brought us Megaman, Street Fighter and Resident evil and now they are suing our favorite company Tecmo-Koei. Find out the details by clicking read more

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Educational Stream More Hidden Frame Data Class

Aug 26 2014 05:08 AM | MASTER in Dead or Alive News

:fear: Another educational stream is scheduled for Monday September 1st. If any of you made it to the last class then you know this stream will have some meaty information for those wanting to dig deep into the hidden worlds of DOA. Find out how you can get involved in this FREE stream today!

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