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New Tournament Regulations?

Feb 28 2015 08:17 PM | Project Bokuho in Dead or Alive News

Recently, there was a discussion within the DOA community regarding the rules and regulations in offline tournaments.

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Frame Data Explained From Sly Bass

Feb 24 2015 04:20 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

For each neophyte of the fighting games that begins to develop interest for the genre, there is an argument that everyone surely heard mentioned: "Frame Data". Anyway happens often that trying to learn the concept it's possible to be discouraged from all the apparent nonsense numbers, ending to believe that this a topic only for the few elects top players and fated to remain obscure for all the others... but nothing can be more wrong than this! To understand what the frames mean and how to experiment with them for knowing what moves can work against others is something truly simple that requires only interest for the argument, but in no way a big knowledge.

The Doa fans are particularly lucky under this matter considering how much infos on the frame datas make available the tutorial mode of DoA5LR (just for incentiving the learning), and in addition there are many players ready to create guides for explaining this matter at the basis of the fighting games' working in the most brief and simple way possible. Last time Gill Hustle provided us a good guide and this time is the turn of Sly Bass, FSD user that created it's personal explanation as service to the DoA community.

Be sure to read the guide, especially if you are a casual player ;)

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Winter Brawl 9 Results

Feb 22 2015 09:35 PM | deathofaninja in Dead or Alive News

Winter Brawl 9 was not only Last Round's first major, but also the first chapter of Team NINJA's 2015 Battle Royal. What player and character took this special tournament?

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Feedback Survey For DoA5: Last Round

Feb 20 2015 04:10 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

Now that Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round was officially released worldwide, it's time for the fans to make hear their voice about through the official surveys made available from Team NINJA. Continue to read for knowing the links for sending your opinions and comments.

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Ein And Hitomi Free Trial

Feb 20 2015 02:01 PM | Kronin in Dead or Alive News

What is better than a Karate master? Two Karate masters! Ein and Hitomi make their entrance in the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One of the DoA fans until 3rd March!

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Special Stream NOM4D Vs MASTER

Feb 19 2015 06:57 AM | MASTER in Dead or Alive News

For those that are not familiar with who Nom4d is, he is a long time video game player and competitor in the esports space but most importantly he is a big Dead Or alive fan!

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