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#192713 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by xo Lockhart ox on 09 January 2014 - 08:04 AM

You guys can't go half a month without a DLC update. I seriously hope DOA6 uses customization mode so I don't have to hear "BRING BACK MY FAVORITE COSTUME PLSSSSSSSS I'LL GIVE YOU MY ENTIRE PAY CHECK"

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#190403 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by Project Bokuho on 26 November 2013 - 10:07 PM

Retarded expectations people have: "You have to have big boobs to be a great female character in DOA."

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#192490 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by Kodachi on 04 January 2014 - 03:20 AM


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#177192 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by Scorpious on 19 June 2013 - 07:02 AM

I hope in the credits they show DOAW on DOA5U. It's not fair that FSD was on it on DOA5 and we weren't :(

By the way sorry to ask this, but has Team Battle been confirmed yet?



Excuse me? They were in the credits because they actually contribute to making the game better and they gave TN alot of direction and feedback to get the game how it plays now. To be honest, this community right here doesn't do shit. The ones that do though, guess what? They came from FSD. I'm actually glad we weren't in the credits because what should this site take any credit for?


Another thing. Most of what this community did was bitch and moan about alot of things like the user above me who's name is literally a complaint. So why should ungratefullness be credited?

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#125449 DOA5: Basics guide

Posted by xo Lockhart ox on 20 August 2012 - 07:02 AM

Since we're only 35 days away I'd figure i'd start revamping my tutorials for DOA5. This is very, very basic. Easy to understand info. Of course whatever Team NInja changes I will come back and change to proper info. There will be a video for this when DOA5 comes out. Although it would be nice if I could get a early copy next month and start.

*To learn the number notation directions please look at the num pad on your keyboard as it resembles the D-Pad on your controller. 6 always being forward, 4 being back, and 5 being neutral (press nothing)




In Dead or Alive you have three basic inputs, and four for tag mode.

*Basic attacks

P = Punch = :p:
K = Kick = :k:
G/F = Guard/Free-cancel = :f: or :h:

The guard button has several other names, because it’s used for a variety of things. One of those things is “Free canceling”. Free canceling allows you to immediately end a string; it’s useful for moves that have long input delay, or to enhance mix-ups. Another name for the guard button is “Hold” or “counter” which I will cover later.

Combing different buttons will give you a different variety of attacks. For example; combing P+K will give you stronger punch attacks, or F+K stronger kick attacks. Combing P+G will give you a grab. You can go more in-depth on these commands by entering your characters command list in the training mode.

In DOA you have your standard movement for any 3D fighter. Holding 6 allows you to walk forward, holding 4 will allow you to walk backwards, tapping 66 twice gives you a dash, tapping 44 – backdash.
Holding down or 2 allows you to free step left. Holding up or 8 allows you to free step right. 33, or down/forward gives you a crouch dash.

*Advanced movement
Consistent :2 :1, :2 :1,~... will give you multiple back dashes; this is known as the Korean backdash. This is good for creating space between you add your opponent, an escape tool to avoid wake up attacks, or used for whiff punishing which is something more advanced I’ll cover later.

:6, :qcf , :6 , :qcf Is known as wavedashing. It is good for covering distance to get in on your opponent, or rushing them down. It's more useful for characters who have moves from while crouching like Eliot's While crouching :3 :p:

In DOA5 you're given different options to sidestep. You can either set it sidestepping as :8_ :2 + :f+p :+ :k: or just basic :2 :2_ :8 :8. Sidesteps are vulnerable to throws, and circular/tracking moves. It would be wise to go through your character of interest command list and learn what moves track.s

Holds/counters can be thought of as reversals. They can be done from neutral standing state, certain stuns that allow you to hold, and very few characters can “Parry” from back turned. DOA5 utilizes the “4 Point hold” system. These holds/counters are fairly weak damaging.

:7 :h: – Works against high attacks
:4 :h: – Works against mid punches
:1 :h: – Works against low attacks
:6 :h: – Works against mid kicks.

*Expert holds – Every character in DOA5 will have expert holds. These strictly work only for mid punches, and mid kicks. Harder to land than the normal 4 point holds, but more damaging.

:6 :4 :h: – For mid punches
:4 :6 :h: – For mid kicks.

*Advanced Holds – Lei Fang and Bayman are the only characters who can utilize “advance holds”. These require the ability to adapt, read, and anticipate your opponent. These are possibly the most damaging holds in the game.

:6 :7 :h: – High punches only
:4 :9 :h: – High kicks only.
:6 :1 :h: – Low punches only.
:4 :3 :h: – Low kicks only.

*Parries – Only a selected few in DOA5 will have parries; Lei Fang, Bayman, Eliot, Gen Fu, Kasumi, Hitomi, and Hayabusa (auto teleport parry from Ninpo stance). Parries generally do very little or no damage at all. However they will leave your opponent at a very big dis-advantage long enough to guarantee a follow-up, or in some cases a launcher.

:9 :h: – Works against high attacks
:3 :h: – Works against mid attacks

*Note. Characters with parries have different properties. Ideally 9H is for highs, and 3H is for mids. However, Hitomi only has the 9H which for her strictly works against high and mid punches, while Hayabusa has an auto mid punch/mid kick parry from his ninpo stance. So be sure to check the properties of your characters parries/holds.

*Offensive Holds – Offensive holds act as throws, and they will beat out/go through regular attacks if timed correctly. In DOA4 every character had at least 2 OH’s. Now in DOA5 OH’s are mainly designed to be used by grapple characters with an additional select few. They are very comparable to catch throws; however the one thing that differs between an Offensive Hold and a catch throw is OH’s can be beaten out by regular throws since they’re still officially holds. The command input for OH’s differs from character to character.

Stuns – Leaves you vulnerable to attacks for a short brief of time depending on how critical the stun is, or which stun was inflicted. While stunned you have two options. You can hold while stunned if you’re anticipating your opponent, or to avoid being launched. However, in my opinion holding while stunned is a very bad idea as it does increases the duration of your of your stun, they’re also very easy to bait in DOA5. Option two you can slow escape to decrease the duration of your stun, and return to neutral state to avoid further damage.

Unholdable stuns – DOA5 has various stuns that do not allow you to hold while stunned, although you can slow escape, but it’s much harder.

- Various sit down stuns
- Limbo stun
- Faint stun
- Stagger stun
- Critical burst (CB)

Water Stuns – Water stuns are possibly the scariest of all stuns. Mid, or low attacks that normally do not stun on dry land will cause a deep trip stun on water stages. It’s best to go through your characters move set on water stages and experiment with property changes. Take advantage of small water puddles, or stages where you’re surrounded by nothing but water. Your entire strategy and mind set can completely change.

Note: Beware of “Ends of the Earth” Antarctica. 100% water stage.

Slow escaping – This technique is used for breaking stuns and setting your character back to neutral state to avoid further damage. This also works if you’re back turn stunned. Hold down the guard button and toggle the left thumbstick in circular motions. The faster you slow escape, the quicker you will be able to break the stun. However, in some cases follow ups will be unavoidable. Lastly, if a critical burst lands, you cannot slow escape. You will be completely vulnerable to the next follow up.

Power Blow. – successfully landed attack with charging properties. They become active at 50% health and can be done once per round. Character enters a short animation where they’re given the option to knock you into any direction, including “danger zones”. These attacks can be avoided by sidestepping, or holding. They're very easy to react to if you see them coming. Blocking a fully charged PB will guard crush and leave you at a huge disadvantage, resulting in a guaranteed follow-up. If your opponent lands a CB power blows are unavoidable. PB’s can be canceled by sidestepping in either direction :8 :8 _ :2 :2

Critical Burst – Critical Burst properties of a move become active when your opponent reaches the stun threshold. The threshold is achieved when a certain amount of critical blow damage is done to your opponent before they fall to the ground. For some characters that is three hits, for others it is four.

Guard breaks – An attack that breaks your opponent’s guard generally leaving them vulnerable to the next attack. An example would be Hayate’s fully charged :6 :6 :p: in DOA5.

Guard Crush – More powerful version of the guard break, but leaves your opponent at a very big disadvantage. An example would be a fully charged power blow.

Danger zone’s – Knocking your opponent in danger zones activates environmental damage that inflicts damage on your opponent. This could be electric ropes, cars, electric generators, breakable walls, animals, etc. This enables you to watch your surroundings and use the environment to your advantage.

Cliff Hangers – Very few stages in DOA5 will have cliff hangers. When knocked into these danger zones you hold guard to grab on to the ledge. These short QTE animations give you a 50/50 scenario. If your opponent does an attack you press guard, or punch to block the attack. If they attempt to grab you press grab and you will throw your opponent off you which will result in them talking a small amount of damage.
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#61587 Strawberry Mille-feuille's Graphic Shop

Posted by Sakura Madoi on 11 June 2011 - 07:51 AM

Posted Image

Welcome to Tenshi Kasumi's Graphic Shop! I decided I would offically open requests :) I do icons, signatures, wallpapers, profile images and headers. So please request away! Just please fill out the form below and I can get started on your requests. I ask that you only request up to two things every 2 weeks.

o2. COLOR(S):
o3. TEXT:

*This is incase you have lots of specifics like a particular texture, or scene you want for animation.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image


Lavender - Dante Icon and Signature
Lavender - Dante Signature, Elfen Lied Sigature 1, Elfen Lied Signature 2, and Rio Signature.
LondonLust - Christie Signature.
DeadorAlive43ver- Hitomi and Kasumi Signature
Ayane San- Bayonetta icon, and signature.
Kasumi & Ayane fan 18 - Kasumi and Ayane signature
Tigereyes - Helena icon, and signature.
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#185980 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by xo Lockhart ox on 09 September 2013 - 07:57 PM


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#179188 How much does competitive play mean to you?

Posted by Awesmic on 05 July 2013 - 04:55 AM

Members of Team Best, stopping talking to a brick wall and use your time here more viably. There is no point trying to convince or reason with someone that is totally lost in the dark and cannot find the light switch on the wall by the door.


We have better ways of making use of our time here.


Maybe Team Best can't get through the brick walls... but I can.  And you wanna know why?  'Cause I'm Awesmic, that's who I am! :)


Mestizo, the reason we stress the importance of offline tournaments as much as we do is because compared to other fighting games that get all the attention in major tourneys like Evo year after year on high-quality streams, we hardly ever get that privelege.  And the reason for it is because there's been a consistent history of very small turnouts in other local or major tourneys.  As a result, the fighting game community in general - even to this day - sees our beloved game as the butt of jokes for that reason... because the turnouts are so small, they're led to believe our game isn't worth competing and getting hype for.


Judging by your fighting spirit and the fact you embrace the game for its fluidity and realism (and Tina, but that's a given), I see greatness coming from you as a competitive player personally.  The only thing that stands in the way is finding a way to mold that into something meaningful in order to help the scene grow, if not support it where you can reasonably.  Never mind setling for being the best player online.  Use your knowledge online as just a stepping stone to test your mettle on a general feel of the game, but always, always beat in your head what works offline.  NEVER GET CAUGHT UP IN BAD HABITS THAT WORK ONLINE.  By the time you understand the game enough to know what works frame-by-frame and execution that's required for force techs (or even your ground grabs), you'll begin to see what these guys mean by online play being a flawed environment.  If the community played 100% online in tourneys, this leads to people in the FGC believing the game is "masher-friendly" or "scrub-friendly", when we as competitive DOA players know better.


So I ask you as a Tina fan... no, a Tina player... is it not worth a try to aspire to gain the necessary knowledge to prove them wrong?  Would you like to see your game make it to big-time tournies in the future?  It all begins with you and the will to support offline when you can while you can.  This is not to say you can't play online when it's all you got.  But don't get so caught up in it that you start to demand respect when you haven't gone out of your way to support your local tourney to help the scene grow where it really needs to in order for our game to no longer be considered a joke.

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#102593 Warning: Adult Link!!

Posted by Redacted on 08 May 2012 - 02:22 AM

Posted Image

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#100925 How I 'train' my characters

Posted by NightAntilli on 26 April 2012 - 02:00 AM

This is not exactly gonna be a tutorial, but more of an explanation of the process of developing my characters, how I started out, and how I got better, and I still take the same approach. This is all my opinion, so you're free to disagree and free to point it out as well. This is my approach, and it works for me. It doesn't mean it'll work for you, but, I hope you'll find it useful anyway. You can take and leave what you wish.

Starting out
When starting out, I always pick a single character. A lot of people will tell you to try a lot or all of them, and then keep the one that suits your play style best, but, I would refrain from taking exactly this approach. It's not wrong by any means but.. If you already feel a bit comfortable with a character, it means that you probably are using a few moves that suit you well out of the large movepool. That is not a bad thing on itself, but in the long run, it will limit you in what you can get out of your character since you'll probably be ignoring moves that could've made you even better, or you'll develop habits that are hard to unlearn later. You can still choose that character, but it should not be the sole reason, and you should treat it the same as a character that you would've found hard to use.
If you have a dilemma of choosing between a character that feels good but you dislike, and one you like but you find hard to use, pick the one that is hard to use. Chances are that when you get better over time, you'll notice that the play style is different than what you thought in the beginning for either of them, and in the end you'll be good with the character you liked.

The reason you should pick a single character is because it's easier and more efficient to learn the mechanics with one character, and once you're good with one, learning other characters is not so difficult. If you keep switching, you'll be too busy with the inputs and moves and will miss the point of what you're actually doing.

Learning the first character
What I do to learn the first character might actually seem like a chore, but, it's useful in my opinion. The first I do is, every single day that I play, go through the moves list. Perform every single move in the list before you start actually playing, and after you're done playing. Not for every round obviously, but simply after a full playing session. This serves two purposes. It will help your mind remember which input is which move exactly beforehand. In the beginning, you'll be thinking a lot about the inputs in your fights, and you'll forget a few that you wish to try and use at a specific moment.
After your playing session, when you go through it again, you'll have 'aha' moments regarding the inputs and the moves you wanted to do but forgot. The next day chances are you'll be remembering that move you forgot very well. When you repeat this, it won't be long before you know every single move by heart without thinking. Your fingers work automatically while you're only thinking about the move you wish to perform at that moment. You can stop doing this exercise when you can perform the whole list with minimal effort or mistakes and can use any of them at any moment. If there is a single one that you don't remember, go through the whole list again. I would say something like the Raijin would be an exception though.

During all this, it's important to try and use as many of the moves as possible during your fights, and those fights need to be against other players. The CPU is not really helpful, especially in DOA4 where it's overly annoying, and also in Dimensions, where it's a pushover. It's ok if you lose against other players while trying to do new stuff, but don't play players that are way above your level (unless they want to dial it down a bit), although if they're slightly better than you it helps. This is the way you improve over time. You learn the timing of each move, what works in which situation and what doesn't etc. When doing this, try it against as many different opponents and different characters as possible to achieve as many different situations as possible.

In the beginning you'll probably be trying out random moves, but it won't be long till you've started limiting your moves per situation because you've started recognizing patterns. It's important to notice this. If you notice no one can do anything about something, don't try to mix it up until someone punishes you for it because chances are that you found something that's guaranteed. As soon as it's punished however, it's key to not limit yourself to only that one specific move in a specific situation, because people can bait you and punish you hard for repetition on higher levels of play. Try to have at least two (preferably three or more) options per situation if you notice you're doing something over and over. And this is where the basics of mix-ups begin. You'll develop mixing up naturally if you do it right, and you'll also find out your different launchers. Don't worry about juggles if you fail them. Those come later. Just remember what leaves you open to being slapped around.

The mechanics
After a while you should be familiar with the mechanics through just playing, but, to be sure, it's wise to simply look up some information, and see if it sustains or contradicts what you already learned. In most cases, you'll find something you didn't know before, and that will keep you motivated to get better and experiment. I would personally not look up the mechanics before-hand (mechanics =/= controls, so looking up controls is fine lol), because fights happen too fast to logically apply them in the beginning anyway. They can also hamper your creativity while fighting because you're trying too hard to live by the rules. The experience is more important in the long run, and the specifics will matter later when you have the precision to execute your moves. It wouldn't take a genius to notice that you can't block during a stun, your moves seem more effective in water and while someone else whiffs, you can't grab while someone is attacking and so on. Experiencing it is much better than reading it on paper. When you see something weird done by another player, go to training mode and try to replicate it so you understand what's happening.

When you get to a higher level, you can look at frame data if you wish, but I would argue that it's not really necessary, unless you really want to squeeze every single little possibility your own character has (or exploit the opponent's little weakness), for example, for a tournament which you paid for and have a possibility of winning money. If you're just playing for fun competition and online tournaments, it's probably a wasted effort..
In other words.. It wouldn't be hard to notice for example that every time you start with a P at the beginning of a fightand your opponent Kasumi also starts with P, that you lose out. But it can be useful to know that if Kokoro is BT, her 2P gives you +2 on hit if it's the difference between having lost 50 dollars for signing up and going home with 2000 dollars..

Launchers & juggles
But before all that frame data stuff, you should get used to your launchers. You should already have some experience with them by just trying them out, but now it's time to find out more, like their strengths and weaknesses. This is where you extensively should start using the training mode. Important questions are:
- What is their range
- Is it safe (most aren't)
- Does it have a follow-up within the string (if you mash the button you'll probably screw up)
- How fast is it
- How high does it launch
- Does it leave you back turned
- Does it have other uses other than launching

I'll let you decide for yourself on how to tackle those, but in general, it's useful to go to training mode and try three things.
The first is, use all the launchers on normal hit against the opponent. Here you can see if it stuns, how long it stuns and so on. If it has a follow-up, see if that one launches if the first hit doesn't.
The second one is doing the same thing, but on block + something (either a throw or a strike, all heights), and look for options to escape.
The third one is doing a simple one hit stun, then launch to see the height. Keep the stun the same for all the launchers. You can also set the cpu to register as counter hit for example, but I wouldn't do this just yet, because at the same time this is a way to teach you on how to set up.
The fourth is doing a stun, extending it, then launching. Same story as the third one, except you're extending it.
The last one is the same as three and four, but now you'll try to extend the stun as much as possible.

After you've done this you'll get an idea of which launchers are best suited for most situations and you can go on to juggles. Coming up with juggles is not really rocket science. Just experiment with as much moves as possible from the moves list. Don't forget to try different stages with slopes and environmental hazards. You'll often have more than one option, and you can choose for the highest damage, or for the ones that throws the opponent the farthest, or an untechable, or one specifically for a danger zone and so on.. It depends on your play style. Also try other stuns than what you've used before.

Moving forward & learning other characters
After all that, all you're missing is experience, so, go apply the stuff and iron out your weaknesses. Try to see what gets punished often and what doesn't and adapt accordingly.. That's basically it.

This is the time where you can start learning other characters. The process for this is basically the same, but it will take a lot shorter to learn a character. Mastering them will take just as long as your first though.. Anyway.. Since you already know the mechanics you basically need to focus on the learning the moves with the (almost) daily move list practice and the launcher part. Don't forget that you never stop learning. There is almost always something new to learn for each character. Yes, even the one you started out with.

Other general tips
- Be calm during fights. The worst thing you can do is panic. It's sometimes even better to set the controller down when in a tough situation.. When you panic you will be mashing, which means you are not in control, which means you're probably giving your opponent more chances to control you. You can luck out, but most of the time it will work against you.
- Be patient. Blindly running in or throwing out the same moves after just standing up etc will get you beat up. Patience is key to being unpredictable.
- Record yourself while playing. You can see unnecessary mistakes that might have easy solutions.
- Do not insult others for beating you. It's your responsibility to protect yourself during a fight. If you dislike how someone fights, just don't play them.
- Don't be afraid to ask others for help. Most people are willing to help you.

I hope this has some use for you.

DOA5 Update:

I wanted to mention some additional things for DOA5. DOA5 is based a bit more around guaranteed damage than prior DOA games. Because of this, it's more useful to look at frame data to determine what is guaranteed and what isn't. But that should come at later stages, when you've already learned to defend well, know the moves and so on. It's also useful to know the moves of other characters that leave them at an advantage when blocked, so that you won't attack at wrong times.

The best way to learn about the stun system now is to work with the Critical Burst mechanic. It's a good measure of how much you can extend stuns before the enemy falls over, how fast the enemy can slow escape and so on, which are all things you need to take into account during a fight. It doesn't mean you should always go for a CB, but it helps you understand things such as launch height, which moves extend stuns and which moves worsen them and so on.

Also, the environment plays a very large role in extending your juggles, since hitting someone in a certain object will often give you a guaranteed launcher. So it's just as important to learn your environments well, more so than DOA4. You have to learn which moves cause a wall bounce for you to follow up with extended juggles, and you have to learn where the danger zones other than walls are located since they can literally let you take more than half your opponent's health away. So you have to know how your character can capitalize on this.
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#198897 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by Kodachi on 05 June 2014 - 03:49 AM

Her korean mother could hav been raped by a tengu.... Its possible


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#183834 The Dead or Alive 5U Pledge

Posted by TenjinShadow on 19 August 2013 - 03:10 AM

Alright Summer Jam is over and it was a good way to end DOA5 I think. DOA5 Tournament ended on a good note(Eliot to make it more interesting), 8 grand added to the bonus pot of TFC was announced annnnd those who placed top 3 and in the tag tournament I believe gets a free copy of DOA5U. Also there will be a launch party on the weekend of TFC which I also can not wait to be a part of. TFC is going to be a blast and if you can I encourage everyone to make it there. It will be a moment to remember and I think we're sparking a interest in the rest of the fighting game community. It is just up to us as a community to continue to do our part. 


Okay now that we're passed that let's get on the subject of us as a community doing our part. TFC will be the biggest DOA event so far. I don't expect it to end there. I expect players in this DOA community to go out and support this game. TN is already doing their part by showing how much they care and we need more active players playing. I guaranteed you being part of the DOA offline scene you will experience nothing but enjoyment. 


To members of ~Team BEST~ I am expecting a lot from you guys when DOA5U come around. Don't forget our group commitments.  We will continue to support, inspire and compete for our community.


DOA Cali players- I will  not accept your excuses. We're working hard to build a scene for you and all you have to do is show up. We need to show that we're a force to be reckon with. 


DOA5U is around we will continue to support by making guides, training players, competing, promoting, etc...


Come on DOA community this is our biggest chance to not just show that We Are Fighters, but to show that We Are Ultimate.

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#181390 The REAL reason DOA5 was not at Evo 2K13

Posted by TenjinShadow on 24 July 2013 - 05:41 PM

Okay players always wonder why Dead or Alive 5 did not make it into Evolution 2K13. Some people may tell you "It's because it's not a good game", or some people may think it's because "The fighting game community does not accept the series", some may even think it's because "Evo doesn't care". It actually is not none of those. You want to know why dead or alive 5 was not at Evo 2k13? I will simply tell you why.


The reason why Dead or Alive 5 was not at Evolution 2013 is because the community did not support the game enough. Not enough players are showing up to events. Not enough players are showing up to tournaments. Not enough players are showing that passion that our game is a good investment for such a huge offline event. People may tell you DOA doesn't have what it takes, or the potential to get into something like Evo. You're dead wrong if you think that. 


If a game like MK can make it into evo 3 years in a roll after 20 years of the series getting crapped on by the FGC despite the horrible nerfs and tiers the game has. It's not too late for DOA. If a community like the Marvel community can show love with such a questionable game mechanic can make it into Evo with a huge following, why can't DOA? Granted Marvel is a Capcom game, so it is made by a company with over 20 years of support from the FGC. What about smash? The FGC doesn't really consider smash a "Real fighting game". Yet, the FGC is forced to respect it because the community gives them a reason to.


DOA not being in Evo, or accepted by the FGC has nothing to do with "boobs" or any of that crap people have drilled in their heads. It's the simple facts that not enough people are making out to events/tournaments. Not enough people are showing how DOA is a real fighter. People wonder "Why people talk about boobs with DOA when there is MK/KOF and other fighters with fanservice?" It is simple. It's because those games show results in a competitive format. Those games show that not people just play for fanservice. Those games show that they have a community big enough to demand and earn the respect they deserve.  Point being if you want DOA5U to be at the next evo support your game getting there. I'm not here telling players what to do. I'm not here trying to make any demands. I am here telling you what is need to be done in order for doa to get into a major event like evo.


Reason I'm going to event like TFC is because although we only get 2 weeks to practice the game it may build enough numbers to show that we actually care about our game. We have players who are willing to come all away across the globe from Cali. We have players who are coming from Canada. This is a chance of a life time because the players that are participating and putting so much in such a event I guaranteed you wants to see DOA5U at Evo 2k14. In the cheesy words of 3rd strike "Fight for the Future.

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#180488 Sunglasses At Night-*A Christie Primer*

Posted by MajesticBlue on 17 July 2013 - 05:49 AM

Doa 5 Christie

"America Christie is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed. -Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936"





Let's be honest, we are all here to hit buttons. Let's at least know some of our options shall we?

Doa 5 Christie has had some pretty interesting changes. She has a few unique tools that separate her from the rest of the cast. Jakeiho, her new command SS stance is a very useful matchup tool. She has some of the best stuns in the game and some amazing evasion and crush moves.

This in short will more or less be a break down for newer players and also help promote discussion about the character. I am by no means an expert but if I post what I know maybe others will do the same. I expect lots of updates as well as I learn more about Doa 5 Christie. This was something I was going to make for myself to study so I figured I might as well post it and make a guide out of it.

9 Frame jab.
11 Frame mid.
14 Frame low.
Learn to love them.

P. 9 frame jab. Get ready to use this to poke your way out of things and start up an offense. Master the strings out of it.

PP. This move jails. -12 on block but very delay able options. Mostly you will just throw this out sometimes and see what they do. Then take advantage of it. Then do into the string you want or free cancel.

PPK. Third high kick, unsafe on block. Not really much to note other then it launches on normal hit. You can also get a juggle follow up on counter hit.

PPKK.-6 tracking high kick. Since it is the fourth high in a row I kinda don't think it is that good. Doesn't mean it can't be useful at times. Also wall splats. Has some low crush frames I would guess as well.

PPP. Your mid option. This part of the string is really bad no matter how it hits

PP4P. A high tracking move. Stuns on counter hit. Has the same follow ups as 4P. More will be covered there.

PP2P. Tracking low. -12 on hit. -15 on block. Good as a tracking option. very small stun on counter hit. Even if they don't SE she doesn't have many options so just treat it as large frame advantage. The move appears to crush very well

PP2PP. Mid -9 on block. Gives a great stun on hit. Overall not the worst option even though it is unsafe. +28 on fastest SE

PP2K. -9 on hit. -10 on block. Decent stun on counter hit You have to punish this move standing so it can throw people off. + 16 on fastest. Doubtfully this will be SE. More then likely expect a low Hold to counter the follow up. So I f you score a counter hit you can bait the low hold or combo into it. *note* There is a throw follow up but it is mostly worthless unless you condition them for it.PP2KT

PP2KP. This move is pretty seeable by good players. It does crush and does give frame advantage on normal hit. +3 to +7. Just don't get predictable with it.

PPPP. The second mid in the string. Stuns on normal hit. If by some miracle if you get this one blocked and not held you have quite a few mixup options. Not all that much to say about it other then if they let you get to this point in the string you are in great shape.

PPPPP. Stuns on normal hit. REALLY unsafe. Honestly the only way this will hit is when they expect PPPP2P. Since that opens them up as well. Not all that much to say. Be careful with it.

PPPP2P. This is the low ender and it stuns on normal hit. Opening them up. Very unsafe on block. For the most part if they block the strings they have to deal with this mixup at the end. Trips on counter hit. The stun doesn't even combo into anything if they SE.

PPPP2_8P+K. Transition into Jak stance. Will be covered later.

4P. Same high as in the string PP4P. It tracks and is just as unsafe on it's own. Even though it is -12 on block it does leave her in BT. Also every hit after it tracks. Throw in some delay and you could very well score a counter hit or BT launcher if they let you get away with it. Be careful throwing it out as it is a 14 frame high.

4PK_PP4PK. A high tracking kick. Wall splats. -14 on block so imo it is not too useful. *Maybe* It might gain some value at the wall.

4PKP_PP4PKP. The last hit in this string. -8 on block but very slow and you can't delay it. Stuns on normal hit and gives a crumple stun on counter hit. Remember it is a 22 frame mid punch with no other options out of the string. Can be made rang safe. DOES NOT wall splat or track. *Note* If you hit all three on counter hit you put them into an un SEable stun that sets you up perfectly for a CB! mixup!

4P2K_PP4P2K. A very delay able low sweep. Unsafe on block. Trips on normal hit. KDs on counter hit. At tip range it gives frame advantage. Plus 12 if they don't SE. This is honestly just something to annoy people with if they can't see it or deal with the mixup. Since it is a sweep it tracks.

4PP_PP4PP. The mid option. The option that keeps her scary. Tracks and gives a nice stun on CH. Even if they SE you get +22 at fastest. So you have enough advantage to keep going at the very least.

4PPP_PP4PPP.One more mixup option here. A flurry of mid punches that jail and leave her at -5. They do not track though. Stuns on normal and counter hit. *Note* on counter hit or higher it leaves you with a CB! mixup. Even on fastest SE. You just gotta be quick or bait a hold. Also it wall splats. Not a bad move at all if you don't get held before it comes out.

4PP(P)8_2 PP4PP(P)8_2. The charged version of the move. +2 on block. A little easy to see coming. She can cancel it into Jak with up or down. On hit the move gives her a free hit throw into a guaranteed juggle. These moves will have their own section later I think. Press P when combo throw pops up for the hit throw. Does not track. Wall splats but sometimes flings them off the wall. Angle specific.
Overall her P strings have lots of options and can be very overwhelming. It helps to have an idea of what your going for so you can use the string you need. Lot of options that don't track can be made to track with string delay. Just pay attention and keep using what is working. Use delay and free cancel to the fullest.

K. I'm not gonna say much about this move other then it is a 13 frame wall splat on counter hit.
KP.13 frame high kick into a fast mid punch. frame advantage on normal hit. Decent stun on counter hit. -10 on block. Sometimes you need a high into a fast mid though.
I find these 2 moves pretty important at times.

PK. An unsafe high kick that gives small frame advantage on hit. Not the same kick as K.

PKK_KK. Another high kick. Stuns on CH. Can transition into Jakeiho, the best part about the string.

PKKK_KKK.The last high kick in the string. Wall splats and is unsafe. Not much to say. Way too many highs..

PKK2K_KK2K. A low sweep tracking option if you need it. Unsafe. Pretty seeable since there is no real string mixup. Not the best tool vs smart players. The fact that you can go into stance before the move does make it more useful then before. If they are looking for Jakeiho they may panic for the sweep.
I really don't like these strings or variations of this string. Far too many highs. Though at least you have the option to go in to Jakeiho. Some of the kicks have different properties depending on what string they are from.

6P. Second fastest mid in the game. Going to use this when you need some speed and don't want to be crushed. -10 on block..most of the time you are gonna go into the string follow ups. On counter hit you get a small stun. Think of it like plus 5-7 on counter hit lol.

6PP. The follow up. Can go into Jak stance. Deeper stun on counter hit. +16 on fastest SE. Bad on hit, normal hit or block.

6PP8_2P+K. Her transition into Jak.

6PPP. Keeps them honest about trying to attack you out of Jak. Stuns on normal hit. -13 on block though. Ouch. Throw this in if they can't deal with delay or predict you are gonna transition to Jak.

6PPPP. Ok, here we are. They called your bluffs and this is the last move you got. -11 on block. KD on hit. Wall splats.
*Note* None of them track unless you delay them perfectly.

6P strings are risky at times, no doubt about it. The same with her jabs. Mix them up well and delay. Keep them honest and make smart reads. Also an interesting note is 6PPPP is guaranteed if the first connects back turned. 6PPP when they are BT puts them at CB! threshold but the stun is too shallow to connect if they SE. If they refuse to SE 6PPP f P 6P+K will connect. Or you can hope they try to turn around and hold. (They have no reason to but they don't know that.)

2P. A 14 frame low move. -5 on normal hit and doesn't track. -7 on block. Part of a string though so the chances of being punished are low. Very small stun on counter hit. Not all that much to say other then it is her fastest low and crushes.

2PP. -11 on hit. A high move. -13 on block. Very nice stun on counter hit. +26 on fastest SE. Not too much else to say.

2PPP.KD on normal hit. -13 on block. Wall splats. Mostly these strings are just bluffing tools as they are all linear.

3P. This imo is one of her best moves. It crushes highs, though not instantly and is 16 frames. + 29 frames on counter hit even if they SE. Pretty crazy. Also if you use it as the last stun in the threshold or twice you can juggle off it. -10 on block but it has follow ups. This is a very crucial move imo. - 9 on normal hit though. If they are crouching it will stun on normal hit.

3PP -12 on block. -10 in hit. Nice stun on counter hit. +20 on fastest. Mostly there to make 3P safer imo.

3PPP_(P). Her flurry punches or the charge punch.

4K. Another key move. Pretty much one of my main counter hitting tools. 14 frame midkick. -6 on hit. On counter hit this move gives another crazy stun. +30 on fastest. Its main use is to put them into a 50-50. So many options off of this kick. Plus it is only -8 on block with string follow ups. I go into detail about this move later.

4KK. KD on normal hit. -8 on block and is high. Wall splats. Tracks

4K2K_1K. A really really bad option. It does have some low crush frames. -10 on normal hit. Almost 30 frames start up. -11 on block..yeah. On counter hit you do get a small stun but really not worth much. Mostly the string version is there to see if people are still awake or they don't respect the string. Does low crush.

4K2KP. Honestly you should never be allowed to get this far in the string lol. Only stuns on counter hit. Deep enough stun to combo into. Thats about it. -10 on block

4K2KPP. Unsafe high move after a mid punch that was following a 30 frame low kick....if you somehow got here your reward is it stuns pretty well on normal hit but nothing to write home about. *Note* If you hit the whole string on Counter hit you are in a CB! opportunity.

4K2KP2P.The low option to mix up with the high. Same low as PPPP2P. Not much to say. This string is a high low mixup so low hold beats both, keep that in mind.

For the most part the most useful move is 4K by itself. Using the other options When you can get away with them is ok but don't get used to it. Or if they start to throw punish 4K. Also don't count too much on that low crush..

1P. A crushing low that tracks. -17 on hit but has a follow up launcher that adds to the safety. On counter hit you have a 50-50 if you decide to use the launcher or go for the throw.

1PK. The follow up gives a great stun on normal hit and launches on counter hit. -10 on block but very delay able.

This move is pretty good if you can get a good read on how your opponent reacts. Don't forget about it, just remember it is a guessing tool. Also it is a Natural counter combo on ice or water.

F+K. -8 tracking move with good range. Stuns on counter hit. A great option to throw out.

F+KK.A high follow up. Does not track. Small stun on normal hit. -8 or -9 but can be made safe via range. Not all that good.

f+KKK. Safe on block and a launcher on normal hit. This can be good at times but since it is soo good it is very very telegraphed. It will get held if you throw it out.

One of her best ways to catch stepping. Just don't get predictable.

9K. A high kick launcher. Unholdable. 16 frames. Launches on normal hit. - 11 on block. Crushes lows.
9KK. Great for crushing low wakeup kicks. -7 on block but low throw punishable.

6K . 13 frame mid knee. -9 on block. Small stun on normal hit and counter hit. Transition into Jakeiho.
6KP.-12 on block. wall splats. KD on all hits.
6KK. High tracking kick. KD on all hits. Wall splats. Crazy wall carry. -10 on block.
6k4k. One of her juggle enders. This only works while they are in the air.

I like to mix this up at the wall. Isn't the best mixup but I find I use it. It is also one of the better splatting moves.

3K. -8 on block. medium stun on ch. Wall splats. Can also go into Jakeiho.

3KP.Jails on block and hit, -10 on block. Stuns on normal hit but not the best stun.

3KK Tracking high kick. KD on all hits. Wall splats. -9 .on block

I don't use this move all that much. Need to look into it more.

2F+K. Instant high crush. Goes into the same mixup as PP2K. Decent range, stuns on counter hit. Unsafe on normal hit but it has s follow up.
Guaranteed 8K on CH in the water or ice.

3P+K. I think this move crushes some mids on it's own. Need to look into it more.

3P+KK. You can use this to punish mid wakeup kicks after a back step. This has crush frames as well. -10 on block but unholdable.

3P+KP. Small stun on normal hit. Unsafe.

3P+KPP. The second punch wall splats. Stuns on NH and gives a crumple stun on CH.

3P+KT. A throw option. The throw does have crush frames and is not an OH. This throw does leave them in a stun but it is kinda hard to connect with. 66K connects but it is fairly obvious. This goes for all versions of this throw

9P. 14 frame high. Amazing move. +21 on fastest SE and 0 on block. Great tool.

7P. 17 frames. Safe tracking high that stuns on normal hit. Crazy deep stun. +30 on fastest. The move is also safe. The disadvantage changes between open and closed stance as well as depending if it was blocked on the side. The move may tech SS a little, needs further testing.

7K. 12 frame midkick that crushes lows. An Amazing tool. Is not safe on block but very hard to punish. You can ATTACK punish this move. Still it is there when you need it. They can also dash in and throw but they have to be on the ball and not recommended.

66K. Crushes lows. Doesn't do all that much damage. Does wall splat for a combo. Also on block you eat a back throw. I over use this move because It looks cool xD.

46P.KD and wall splat. -7 on hit with good range. Kinda slow at 20 frames. I don't use this move all that much but it is a safeish wall splat move

236P. Slow guard break with deceptive range. +7 on block. Not the worst option if they can't stop it on reaction. Wall splats. I like this move but if you get it held it hurts. Also tech jumps

4P+K. +15 guard break that wall splats. Has guaranteed options 6P and PP. The move is 30 frames though.

8PP. The only reason I mention this move is because the second hit gives a full juggle on normal hit if they don't get hit by the first. It can be useful in wakeup and wiff punish situations. Pretty unsafe too. Low crushes through various frames.

3(hold)P. 15 frame tracking counter hit launcher. Kinda hard to use at times but worth it. -13 on block. 22 frame stun on normal hit fastest SE.

4F+K. A high kick counter hit Launcher. decent stun on normal hit. This launcher isn't very useful vs heavy weights I find. It is great vs everybody else though. -12..free back throw..

8K. Imo her main launcher. 16 frame midkick. -12 on block. Only launches on counter hit. On Normal hit you get a pretty good stun. Learn to love it. Wall safe.

33P. 18 frame high launcher. Launches on normal hit. Also crushes. I prefer 9K as a high launcher though. This is more useful as a crush. -11 on block.

66PPP. 15 frame tracking mid. Natural combo on normal and counter hit. Since it ends with the flurry punch/charge punch you have those options so it is safe. Be careful of the range though, if you are not close enough the move may hit a frame or two to late and become holdable. This move also allows you to CB! in 3 hits. The Stun is +22 even on fastest SE.

6F+K. Instant Low crush I think. Tracks. -10 on block Launches on normal hit. Wall splats. This is not all that good of a move.

2K. 15 frame low poke. Pretty bad on hit. Gives a stun on counter hit Not all that good. Might be good Against Busa

While running K. Not much to say about this. A low option out of running. Really unsafe on block. KD on hit.

P+K. Her faint stun. 19 frames -6 on block. Stuns on normal hit. On counter hit you get a guaranteed 4K (depending on the hitbox and push back) or 6P. A great move. This move wall splats on counter hit.

6P+K. Her CB! 19 frames and tracks. -7 on block. Stuns on normal hit. Gives a crumple stun on hi counter hit.

1P+K. Her Powerblow. +22 Guard break charge. Leaves you with plenty of options. Guaranteed launchers as well.

Back turned
BT 4P. 14 frame tracking mid. Stuns on counter hit. The follow up is a launcher - 6 on block

BT4PP. Does not track. Stuns on normal hit and launches on counter hit -8 on block. Wall splats on counter.

BT 2PPPP. Starts off with a tracking low that crushes. Then into 2 mid punches. The last punch is the punch flurry you can charge.

BT P+K. -10 on block. Good stun on normal hit and launches on counter hit. Crushes jabs.

BT F+K.-9 on block. looks like it has crush frames late into the animation. launches on normal hit. Wall splats.

BT4K.Unsafe on block. Stuns on NH. Launcher on CH. Crushes highs.

BT2K. Just her sweep kick.

I feel like this move needs it's own section. This move is pretty amazing. It's raw evasion is crazy. You can really use creatively to beat out anything. If they refuse to SE you get a free launcher. If you don't wanna risk it you get a guaranteed 4k into a free stun threshold mixup. While it is slow it is a very useful tool. Don't be afraid to use it. It is pretty easy to hold but if you use it right that shouldn't be an issue. Part of me wants to say don't be afraid to throw it out at slight disadvantage.

On Hi counter hit I think it guarantees 8K. It is -7 on block so you gotta watch your follow ups.
If used at the correct threshold ( around 2 stuns) This can be used to guarantee a CB!

Charge punch cancels.
Ok these moves are very weird. First off NEITHER option TRACKS. *IF* you can get them to block them they are not that bad. The Flurry is only -5 and the charged one is +2. If the charged version hits you get a combo throw by pressing P netting you a full juggle. You also have the option to cancel into Jak. Now the problem is that if you charge or SS it doesn't matter as a tracking move will beat both. So you need to get them to respect the flurry before you can charge it. Also there is nothing stopping them from holding miss mid punch either.

Now there is another problem with this move. The charged version is GLITCHED. For some reason the move will go clean through the opponent. I just know that the fact that sometimes the move doesn't work as it should is kinda scary. So just keep in my that the move has problems.

This is what I use as a juggle.

2PP F 6K4K Heavies

2PP F PKK2K works on pretty much everybody else

P. 7P of SS. Safe evasive high that gives a good stun.
K. 8K of SS. Unsafe mid kick that launches on counter hit.

Honestly from a raw mixup stand point I don't think this move is as good as it is made out to be. Lots of non tracking mids can hit her out of it. If you space it out a little and use it to limit their options it can be very good though. It is hard to say when to use this really. If you use the transitions and not raw I find I eat quite a few counter blows... It does crush highs at the cost of not being evasive as her regular SS.
Moves that transition into Jakeiho.
(Sure I missed some)
Any of those moves plus 8_2P+K. Any charge punch can be canceled with 8_2.

8_2P+K to enter Jakeiho.

Jak P. Stuns on normal hit. Launches on counter hit. -12 on block. If you can get all the way to their back the move will launch them on normal hit for a full juggle.

JakPP.-10 on block. Not much to say. Does not track. Does have good range though. Stuns regardless of hit type. Wall splats

JakPK. High tracking kick. -12 on block Wall splats. Doesn't give much of anything regardless of hit type.
JakPKP KDs on all hits. wall splats. -12 on block.

JakPK2P Your tracking low option. Has crush frames. Stuns on normal hit. Gives enough frame advantage to keep mounting pressure.
The secret to using these is to mess with the timing and play with the delay. Also to use unexpected enders or not finishing them.

Jak6P. Stuns on all hits and has good range. -13 on block

Jak6P6P. KDs and wall splats regardless of hit. -11 on block/

Jak4P. Slow Jak Guard break. +4 on block. KDs on all hit and wall splats.

Jak K.slight advantage on normal hit. Crumple stun on counter hit. Can also give a BT limbo stun depending on open or closed stance. -11 on block. Off of the BT limbo stun you can get 6PPPP guaranteed. I'm sue she has better options. That is the only one I know of atm. Can wall splat.

Jak2K. A low sweep. Very hard to see. Doesn't give all that much on its own but the follow ups are very good..

Jak2KK. A high follow up. If this hits this sends them into a very deep stun..Even on fastest SE you have time to run in and Jab or 6P. Putting them into a CB! mixup. if they Hold early in the animation you don't have to dash just make them guess with one of her great stuns. Can wall splat.

Jak 2k6k. The mid kick follow up. This puts them into a crumple stun. This move actually has nothing that can be comboed into. If your opponent holds as fast as possible they can block every follow up she has. If they don't take advantage of this the move is pretty good. Just be careful with it. Also it has to be on counter hit or if the sweep connects
If you connect the mid on normal hit because they are expecting the low you can combo it into jabs as long they don't SE.

Jak2K2K. KDs on counter hit. On normal hit it trips them. Not all that bad of an option. you can combo into second low sweep on normal hit if they don't SE.

All of these options track. The low sweep is a great way to put people into a 50 50 and mount some pressure.

JakP+K. Normal hit launcher. -12 on block. Keep in mind it is a high but it crushes.

Jak6P+K. KD and wall splat. -5 on block so it is safe. It does not track though. Mid punch.

JakF+K. KD and wall splat. Unsafe on hit but tracks. High kick. Leaves you at -16 in BT...it does send them flying across the stage though.

Jak into Jak. Cancel the SS into another SS using the opposite direction you used the first time.

These moves are done by doing 44 out of Jakeiho. I dub them BakJak. XD
BakJakP. +4 frame trap. KD all hits. Wall splats.
BakJakK. Same as while running K.
BakJakT. Her Special grab. I will cover it in her throws.

Jakeiho. 2K in detail
This move is another move I feel deserves a section of it's own. This kick is really fast and hard to react to. Not to mention it goes into a mixup with high reward. Jak 2KK is a great way to set up a CB! She also has Jak 2K6K if they don't know how to defend against it. (talked about in the moves section) Also all options out of it track.

Jak 2KK into P_6P_4K. You have to do a little dash and get it out before they recover or fully SE. If you get one of those to hit you are at guaranteed threshold, ready for a critical burst. Same thing for Jak 2K4K. Even though they can hold asap and block your follow ups.

Christie has less then average damage on her holds. Not much to say here really.
1H. This is her Super launcher throw, and ceiling move.
Juggles. Coming Soon!

Crush Moves

Low crush

High Crush
Jak P+K. Jak 2K
All of her sweeps.
Also her special throw goes under highs.

Playing the Stun game.
Christie has some of the best stuns in the game in my honest opinion. SE is never an option. Ever. If you can mix these moves up well enough they are all you need to win. Combine this with her sweep (Jakeiho 2K) setups and you have a whole lot guessing.

3P.Mid punch
9P High
4K. Mid kick
P+K. High faint stun. Will combo into 4K or 6P
6P+K. Mid CB!

Unconventional Launchers. Oddities of the stun game.
This is an area I feel Christie is really good. As some moves on counter hit put her into an instant 50-50 for around 80-90 damage. Essentially you just max out the stun threshold by doing the same stun twice. This however does not work with every stun and also has some interesting setups. If you use 4K as the last hit to reach stun threshold they are in a 50-50 for over 100+ damage. They have to hold or die. A CB! may or may not be seeable at 19 frames but there is no way in hell they can see and react to a 14 frame mid.

If you use P+K as the last move in the stun threshold depending on the hit box of your opponent you get a guaranteed 4k into a full launcher. This can be good to throw in sometimes if you know your hit boxes well.

Ch 4k 4k is a full launch.
I use 2PP PKKK_PKK2K_6K4K Or PKK JakPP on heavy

Ch 3P 3P is a full launch.
2PP PKKK_ PKK2K On heavy PKKK_2PP 6K4K

CH F+K F+KK is a full launcher as well.

About SEable stuns
Here is something to keep in mind when it comes to stuns. The later in the stun chain the greater the chance of SE. At least when it comes to smaller stuns. So lots of moves may not be that useful if the opponent will SE. If you knick them as they are hitting a button they have to react and see they are in a stun before they begin to SE. Use that to your advantage.

Just watch.
A nice little trick I love to use is it is very possible to use the recovery frame of holds to your advantage. If somebody is hold happy don't be afraid to watch them sometimes. If you see they held you don't even have to bother to throw them since we have such shoddy throws. When you have them in a CB! situation, since they can't react to 4K they will have to just hold it. (this is assuming they can even see 6P+K). as they hold for your CB! or 4K you can guarantee 6P+K if you time it correctly. A very powerful tactic. If they start to simply try and out guess you this becomes even stronger. Wait too long and you lose your stun though. If they love to hold early you can even launch them on normal hit with 9K for some quick damage.*QcB applies after 2 large stuns as well if you can bait a hold* Another thing is if you can bait a hold you can set up a launcher like 3P+KK.

If you use 2 stuns and they don't se or do a random hold this can guarantee a CB. It will guarantee a CB if it hits at the proper threshold.

Build A Bear Juggle Work Shop

I am gonna go about this a different way. I am gonna list the floating moves and the enders so you can come up with what your own juggles.

*8K. Main Launcher mid kick.
*9K Unholdable high launcher.
*4F+K High Launcher.
*BTP+K High crush BT mid punch launcher.
BTF+K High crushBT mid kick launcher.
BT4K. BTMid Kick Launcher.
3P+KK Crushes highs. Mostly used in mixups or CB!
8P(P) Used as a wiff punish or to crush lows.
CH Jak P Evasive mid punch launcher.
CH Jak P+K Evasive high launcher.
CH1PK. Used as a 50-50 NCC on slippery surface.
CH(3)P Mid punch launcher crushes highs.
CH33P High punch crushes highs.
*Threshold 4K4K. Max stun threshold mid kick.
*Threshold 3P3P Max stun threshold mid punch.
*1H. Her super launch hold.

*IMO her main launchers. The ones I find I use the most*

Float Moves
2PP. Your main float you will use this one a lot.
6K.You can use this at the wall or for higher launchers.
9K. You will only use this in super launchers
4F+K. You will only use this in super launchers.
btP+K.You will use this after 4F+K most of the time.

PKKK. Use this on really small launches.
PKK2K. Used after a filler most of the time.
6K4K. Used after a filler
6KP. Use after a filler near the wall.
3PPP. Used after a filler near the wall.
PP4P2K. Used in pseudo and force tech situations.

Jak Juggles.
PKK Jak PP_PKP. A option that works well. Does not work near walls though.

Remember to be creative and try out everything you can. 2PP is an awesome tool because it allows you to hit confirm your juggle based on the height. You have enough time after this move to pick your ender of choice. Also the move does not wall splat! Keep in mind that no matter how much damage your juggle does, it does you no good if you can't hit it when you need it. Practice makes perfect. Use juggles that do the max amount of damage and you can do consistently.

Critical Burst.
9P 3P 4K 6P+K CB! 3P+K 6K 6K PKK2K (works on light and mids)


This is a Force tech on light weights and a pseudo on mid weights. If they Tech you still have advantage. So you can keep up the pressure. You do give up a little damage though. +17 if they don't tech. If they do tech I do know you have enough advantage to keep hitting buttons.

CB! PKK JakPKP Heavy

Juggling at the walls is pretty simple. The juggle you do is going to depend on what kind of launcher you do and the weight class. Also there are different kinds of wall splats. I will give some sample ones and you can create your own.

3PPP. I find this will hit in most situations for decent damage. A good start.
6K F 6KP. This is another one that works fairly often.
2PP F 6KP. I find I use this one when I am closer to a wall then I thought and I want to splat them.
PP4PPP. You can hit this if you get a high enough splat.
PP4PK. This is useful is you splat them from a slight distance and want to run up and get something in
2PP F 3PPP. If you use the right wall splat move and reach a certain threshold you can use this.
6K 6K 6KP. This one is also very dependent on the setup.

Keep in mind this is after a wall splat, not after a wall safe launcher at the wall. Your options will be similar. Just because her main enders are not wall safe.

Don't forget her 66T wall loops!

CH 4K4K. 2PP 3PPP light
*66K P+K 6KP can work at times*

Useful wall splat moves
Jak PP
Flurry punch.

Critical burst at the wall
8K 6K 3PPP Used vs lights and mids
(^I like this as my staple)
Jak P+K 6K 6K 6KPMid
Jak P+K 6K 6K 3PPP Lights
8K 3PPP Heavy

The only thing I really see here is after 1H do QcbP then get a guaranteed 8K. If there is more to this please lemme know so I can update. As the guaranteed CB! was patched right?

*At the wall you can charge 4P+K into a wall combo.*

Electric floor
Sometimes you can get a little more damage on electric floors.

1PK is NCC

Jak 2K6K is NCC

Jak 2KK second hit will wiff

Jak 2K2K is NC on counter hit

2F+K guarantees 8K

Special Stage Damage.
Work in progress.

Untechables/ force techs./Pseudo
kasumi ch 8k 2PP pp4p2k
Work in progress.

6T. punish. 7 frame. Generic punish throw. Not the best damage. It does swap sides though. If they try to do a wake up kick right off the bat you can 2P+K44 into any of the options and it will beat either wake up kick. Keep in mind they can still tech or delay the kick though.

4T. Imo her main throw. 10 frames. Mostly just to annoy people. The mixup off of this is to go into 6p, your fastest mid or into another 4T. This throw only gives you plus 4 and leaves them in BT. So it is roughly plus 10 with no guaranteed follow ups. If you can get them to start turning around and block you can set them up for her guard break as well. 4P+K. If you can confirm 6P hitting them back turned you can finish the string and it is all guaranteed.

66T. Her wall throw. 7 frames. You can use this to punish when their back is to the wall for more damage and you also don't switch sides. *Update* I didn't see how great this throw was until a friend pointed something out. It completely negates wake up kicks at the wall. Pretty much this allow you to have amazing wall pressure. You can beat any attack follow up with 4P+K. Even if they stand up and block it is a guard break sooo. Also her Power blow will beat anything but 9 frame jabs. You can use this to make them eat a guard break or reset the situation with another throw. An amazing guessing tool. Abuse this if possible.

63214T. Her strongest throw 12 frames. Sometimes you will use it when you just need that throw damage.

PP2KT. 2F+KT. BakJakT. 3P+KT. Her special signature throw.The throw does have crush frames and is not an OH. This throw does leave them in a stun but it is kinda hard to connect with. 66K connects but it is fairly obvious. This goes for all versions of this throw.

I would say we have some pretty good tracking options.

66PPP.This move is way better then I gave it credit for. 15 frame tracking move that you can hit confirm with a little practice. If the first hit connects at the proper range all 3 hits are guaranteed unless it is a hi counter blow, then the second punch can be held. If you need a little more range out of it you can do a deep dash into it. If you see them block the first two hits you can cancel it into Jak. The flurry at the end wall splats but sometimes it will knock them off the wall if even at a slight angle. If they don't like to hold the last punch it is only -5 on block. If you choose not to hit confirm this and use it a counter hit tool or commit to it, it is still useful as you can reach CB! threshold with 2 moves.

F+K. For the range and safety. I like to throw this one out from a slight distance. Pretty quick at 14 frames. Most of the time my stand alone go to tracking move.

1P. I will use this when I want to run in and make them guess. While not the best idea it will kill step and put you in a small mixup.

PP4PP. The last to hits both track so this is good to throw into your string mixup of they get SS happy. Just watch out because 3 of them are high.

PP2P. Jabs into a tracking low.

Jakeiho 2K. You can use this to predict a step or limit their approach options.

SSP. Besides being slow and a high it is an option I like to throw out sometimes. Since it is an evasive tracking move.

Round One Fight.
Christie is in a great postition here. Just look at her speed. Not to mention how many options she can beat with Jakeiho.

P 9 frame jab. You can use this to beat out slower jabs and non crushing mids.
6P. 11 frame mid. Can be use if you think they will use a slow mid or a crush move.
7K. 12 frame mid kick. Crushes lows and is still speedy. Does a chunk of damage.
33P. Crushes jabs for a launch.
Jakeiho mixups. This will beat highs and moves that don't track.
214P. This move is great everywhere hahaha. You can run up do a quick back step then throw it out. Kinda gimmicky but it has great reward on hit.

If you can get them to stop doing anything at all as the round begins you have them in a position to take advantage of them. Since Christie is known for her speed, sometimes people lock up. So sometimes it is not the worst idea to fake them out and start up with a throw. Just remember if you get read it could be painful. Try not to be obvious about it.

Game plan
There are quite a few concepts you can keep in mind when playing Christie. Hunt for counter hits, know your numbers and spot those free cancels. Then you get a stun in and make them guess. We have the speed advantage so in the mean time we bully them with that. Make them guess between your fast mids and throws. Limit their options with jak stance and various crushes. Take full advantage of the wall and pester them with everything she has. Be as annoying as possible and frustrate them. Use your string delay and free cancel mixups. Press that false pressure as far as you can.

I think she is designed around the CB system. Her stuns are so deep all she needs to do is mix up her patterns after the first stun to get big damage. Having threshold launchers also gives her a means to get very good damage quite easily. Take advantage of them.

Watch out though because she doesn't have the most options in some situations. At the end of the day she is only as predictable as you play her though. She is also pretty dang unsafe at times but as once said. Ain't nobody got the time for that!

If something isn't working stop doing it. The golden rule of fighters. Try and be as adaptive as possible. Large parts of Doa are just knowing what the other characters tools are. If you know what they can do, you know how to beat it. No matter how risky something is, there is zero risk if you know what they will do. Another large part of Doa is making calculated risks and understanding situations where you have to guess. That comes with practice.

Even though she doesn't have the best throws don't neglect knowing your punishment. Remember, at the end of the day it is just frame advantage that you can use as you please. So sometimes it may be a better Idea to opt for a mixup or maybe go for a slower move.

Use her guard breaks if your opponent lets you get away with them. Don't forget about them.

Ground game
2K (With opponent grounded). Her on the ground move, figured it needs at least a mention.
Her only force tech I can find is Jak 2K gives +14.
2P 1P 2F+K and 1K all hit otg leaving you in various positions. Find one you like.
Will cover more later if I find anything. Also the goal here is to get them to start teching so you will have frame advantage. If they tech you get free frame advantage and get to keep attacking.

Wake up kicks
3P+KK. You can use this to beat out mid wake ups if you take a step back or so and time it right.
8PP. You can use this to hop over low wakups for full juggle.
9KK. Crushes lows.
66K can also punish wakeups if you are a little farther away.
If you space right you can use 4P+K or your powerblow to beat out both kicks as well.
You can also use most charge moves or Jak stuff if you time it or set it up right.
4K can beat out wakeup kicks...it happened. Needs further research

Thanks to Forlorn Penguin for the name of the guide. Thanks to koomp for helping me organize the sucker. Thanks for everybody who helped me with it. Thanks to all of my training buddies who let me spam away at you. You know who you are.

If anybody has some useful info to add let me know and I will edit it in. Some areas are blank and will be updated in the future. Maybe some of this will still matter in Doa 5U.

I hope this is not too little too late. God Speed Christie players, God speed.


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#180113 So I saw this post on Facebook about DoA5

Posted by Aelivia on 13 July 2013 - 03:34 PM

"I also recommend making more moves unsafe."








In a game where the majority of the characters are unsafe or negative on block? And, he wants MORE of THAT? Damn, he's some kind of dumb. lol

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#178218 ~Team BEST~ DOA Online Sparring Camp Opening.

Posted by TenjinShadow on 26 June 2013 - 11:12 PM


This topic is to announce the opening of TB online sparring camp. This is to help train and improve with other players in the doa community who are interested. We will be starting off on ps3 only until we are able to get something running on 360. We will update this thread so players will be aware when a session is running so you can request to join. You can also request for sessions if one is not already going. Point of this is to train yourself, others and help each other improve. Stay tuned for updates.

Update: Host/Request Format:

To keep this thread organize, we should follow a layout so that people can know the time (plus the timezone since many players are in different timezones on this forum), and console that a training session will be on so that it's not confusing and unorganized. And that, once a session ends, for people to update on it.

A layout like this:

Session Date:
Time and timezone:

An example:

Session Date: June 30th, 2013
Console: PS3
Time and timezone: 6:30-9:30PM Central Time

AND, if someone wants to request a training session, they should follow this layout.

Session Date:
1-on-1 training, Match-up training, or Group training:
Time and timezone:

An example:

Session Date: June 29th or 30th, 2013
1-on-1 training, Match-up training, or Group training: 1-on-1 training
Console: 360
Time and timezone: 7:00-10:00PM Central Time.

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#178033 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by Kronin on 25 June 2013 - 05:32 PM





Sorry but it was more strong than me...  :tongue:


Seriously, I think that the sailor outfit for Kasumi will be surely included in DoA5U, seeing like Ayane got 2 outfits from Razors' Edge (and I hope that she could obtain at least also her Phantom Butterfly).

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#174683 The Steps To Becoming A Better Player

Posted by TenjinShadow on 06 June 2013 - 12:46 PM

So for those people out there who are interested in learning DOA(or any fighting game for that matter) here are the simple basic steps to becoming good at a fighting game.


1. Learn the basic of the game mechanics. In DOA this would involve holding, blocking, forward dash, back dash, free stepping, side stepping, stagger escaping, free canceling, Attacking, throwing, teching. 


2. Test out each character and pick the one of your liking that you'll most likely stick with. Character hopping will just make the learning process take longer. After you have your character go into command training and complete it until you have your character whole move list down. 


3. By time you reach this step you should have step 1 and 2 down and be ready to put them in practice. This is where offline competition comes into play. It is best to find the nearest offline scene near you. If you don't have one try making one. There are plenty of resources online(including DOAW and FSD) where you can try finding players in your area to play the game with. It's the best way to test out what you have learned and gain experience against other players offline. If you just happen to not be able to get to a offline scene near you then I guess online will have to do(poor you). 


I do not recommend online because of the lag makes the game play completely different. DOA5 online is a different game compared to how it's meant to be played(offline). Input and timing are all thrown out of sync due to lag. But hopefully if this is what you have to put up with hopefully you can. Just know online you can not reach your full potential. 


Now. If you have completed step 1-3 you are now a lot closer to being a threat in DOA. Now all you have to do is work on more advance stuff. Like juggles, understanding the stun game, force techs, guaranteed set ups, understanding advance hold, parries and throw breaks. Fuzzy guarding, KBD, Punishing and other things the game has to offer. The secret to being good at a fighting game is knowing how to put in the time and effort to learn it.  People may think you have no life. But when do kicking someone ass in a fighting game ever stop you from living? 


Oh and I almost forgot one of the most important steps. Tournaments. If you can always show up to a tournament. Even if you don't think you're good enough to compete in one. Tournaments are where high level players, or other good players are most likely to show up more often. You can get in some good casuals with them, and you can learn a lot from playing these players. It's important to learn from your loses. They are usually good at giving inspiring tips as well. This is from personal experiences. 


Don't forget the resources the community offer. Match videos, tutorial videos, frame data, and other things that may make your learning not only easier, but faster. Don't understand something? That is why the community is here to help you understand our game. Ask questions if you don't know what a term is. There may even already be a faq somewhere that tells you. 


1. Learn basic game mechanics

2. Learn your character move set

3. Show up for offline casuals, gatherings, tournaments(or play online if you have no choice)


The simple steps to becoming a better player. 

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#174610 Announcement.

Posted by TenjinShadow on 06 June 2013 - 12:28 AM

ENGDragon I understand his anger. Knowing the best in the world had bested him before the game has even started. I mean I came to DOA world to challenge anyone. Give anyone a chance to face the best in the world. After all to the "DOA" world I am a God. A God that can not be defeated. ENGDragon recognizes this thus the hate. It is okay Dragon. You are always welcome to try to take my throne. But know this, it is not possible. It will not happen. The challenge is a waste of time, and just like all the others who have tried you will fall, fail and be struck with disdain of disappointment. Just walk away...while you can.

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#172248 DOA5 Ultimate Update and Discussion Thread

Posted by Kodachi on 14 May 2013 - 08:25 PM

Kodachi, you better mark them, before somebody else takes them from you =<.

Hey, you didn't sign them.

are you blind? if you look closely you can see it..


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